Sunday, February 11, 2007

Yay! I have my deck back

Since we got Brownie and have had FREEZING weather in Texas I have very lazily put her on the deck to "do her duty" which has resulted in a patterened disgustingness all over my deck which my husband has yet to develop a habit of picking up regularly, something which I refuse to do. Today he cleaned and picked up everything, hosed off with a jet spray the entire deck and covered it with vinegar. Then put all my deck furniture back in it's place - something which had also been destroyed by puppyness, oh the vase is still cracked but I'll get a new one - and lit the votives I have out there. Sooo pretty. I'm still not walking out there with barefoot until it gets powerwashed but for now it's pretty again!


California Girl said...

Looks beautiful! Where'd you get that cute stuff!?? I seriously can't wait for it to get nice again so we can get outside and enjoy summer!

L said...

That is SO great that Oma can read to him from so far away and you can both see each other. is that with webcam? how do you do that?


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