Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Free Lunch

I feel like Allison. We just went to a free lunch at Rudy's with friends. The girl won it. They're new in town, Brando was their realtor and they don't know anyone so they invited us. Yippee! Actually they came to a client appreciation event when I first met them and she and I had on the EXACT same pair of jeans. Express jeans that ROCK even though they're three or four years old. We clicked and told each other we'd get together again soon. Three months later here we are : ) . hehe. Funny how life sneaks up on you. Any way we have plans to scrapbook and do first thursday in Austin tomorrow but her little girl was sick at lunch today and has a fever so we may have to postpone that. Either way we had a blast today. Her brother and his girlfriend just moved to town and his girlfriend, and her Dad, who was in town came with her and her hubby to lunch today so it was fun to be able to meet them. I love meeting new people! I loved getting to know her more. We're starting to look at moving down south and she's one of the ones it would be fun to be closer to. Becky girl's the other, and Kel Bel's the third. Boy I know more people down south than I do up here. It's so much more unique. Not cookie cutter (as much) like the north. But that's for another post. For now Rudy's was a blast, not to mention free, we met a financial advisor who seems great and who's company footed the bill as a marketing strategy, and had a nice lunch with friends. Fun!



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