Saturday, February 24, 2007

Just for Nancy

I installed Haloscan. This fabulous lady is the wife of the husband and wife team who took our gorgeous family pictures when we were still in California. She has a wonderful blog that warms my heart to read - partly because it's her and partly because she lives in the very part of Santa Cruz I grew up in. Any way she's been over here a few times but hasn't figured out how to comment on blogger, Girl's mentioned it's difficult, so I figured I'd make the jump again. Funny thing now a bunch of my super old comments will reappear and some of my newer ones will disappear : ( . Sorry about that! Oh well it'll be fun to go back and read some of the older comments for me.

Update: Argh. They only send out email comments every 30 minutes instead of when they come in and I love seeing comments the moment they come in. I'll try it out for a bit any ways though.



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