Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy Labor Day!

Wow we've had an awesome weekend! We started off the weekend right with friends over Friday night for drinks and inappropriate movies. She's a bartender and is good at it, so we had our own personal bar all night long.

Saturday we checked out Austin's BatFest and chilled at the pool and Sunday we barbequed with the same friends, plus a few other friends. We started out at the pool but a storm blew in and we transferred the fajita fixin's to our place and played the night away here.

Today we took the boys down to Zilker park for a bike ride and three quarters of the way there realized we'd lost Brando's wallet. We spent the next three hours looking for it and finally gave up and took our bike ride. We got home and I grabbed my notebook to go inside and out fell his wallet. Awesome.

We're kicking back with some barbeque chicken pizza and a movie in a few minutes here. I've taken the last few days off and the next week off to figure out the kids schooling situation and I love not working for the moment.



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