Sunday, June 07, 2009

Lazy Summer Weekends

We took the boys to art class yesterday with their art teacher they LOVE and haven't seen in a month while we had a date, then went apartment price comparison hunting since we're paying an outrageous amount on ours compared to what they're currently asking, then came back and lazed by the pool with M and K. M brought margaritas in a bottle from their last trip to Cabo. Why didn't any one tell me they give you these things free on the way to Mexico?! I'm flying to Mexico and back just to get smashed. One of those things and a beer did me in for the rest of the night and I am sooooo not a lightweight. We were both reeling by the pool and looking at each other going, "What is going on?! These things are STRONG." Must've been the sun and alcohol combo.

We came back in for a lazy dinner and family movie and passed out wayyyyy early. It was kind of nice because I'm actually ready for church on time for once. Last week the boys left without me and I leisurely strolled in after church was over. Worked out, any way, because I needed my car for work afterwards, but I don't have work afterwards today! Whoo hoo!



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