Monday, January 17, 2011

New Project

Brando has come up with the brilliant idea of us starting a blog together. I love it! In theory. In reality we just spent the last two hours trying to get the right url and username. Epic fail as we accidentally switched two words around in the url and username, then spent the majority of those two hours trying to delete that account and create a new one in order to get the correct username, which isn't as easy as it sounds as it's not a blogger platform. Now we are waiting for customer service to contact us.

On the upside, in that short time I learned several lessons about myself with us.

Lesson #1 When I get fed up with something we are working on together that isn't happening, I need to walk away, do a bit of exercise, and have a drink (no, not that kind) before I head back into it with a fresh mind. Come to think of it, I need to do that with myself. But it's much easier to stay fed up by myself.

Lesson #2 God works in everything. Perhaps this was his way of teaching us we need to do this small project together to learn to work together on even bigger projects.
yes, that's his foot and my face.
this is what happens when he offers me his foot to take a picture with.

Lesson #3 The exact same words can have different meanings for each of us. We went through several compromising and aha! moments while deciding on the url. I realized I was putting a different emphasis on the words we chose creating a completely different meaning for me than the exact same words created for him. Oh, how many times we probably do that in real life!

All important lessons to learn, and I love that we learned them in a safe environment where neither one of our personal or mutual relationships or responsibilities were at risk.

When things are set up and we've had the chance to feel our way around, I'll let you know the link. In the meantime, wish us luck!


linda said...

love the foot picture. Alan likes to call my name so that i can turn into his yucky foot.

can't wait to read your shared blog!!

pinksundrops said...

Linda - Oh my gosh, I had SO much fun on Saturday. I'm so glad you thought of it! And that's hilariously disgusting about Alan doing that lol. I'll definitely let you know when we finally decide on what to start posting :) .

Ashley said...

what a cute idea! :) You guys are just way too adorable! Plus, I can't wait to read what you guys write. Can't wait to see the blog!

<3 Ash

pinksundrops said...

Ashley - It's definitely a work in progress. It may be awhile before we get there, but we'll get there! Will definitely let you know when we do.


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