Sunday, January 23, 2011

Real Life Friends

Saturday I met Linda from Curious Notions and Girl Eats World. She invited me to a foodie event at Manny's Uptown Kitchen. I'm so glad she did! I've been meaning to meet up with her for at least a year now, and finally this was the perfect timing and opportunity. The foodie blog post version of this will have to wait, because meeting Linda was the highlight of the event.

The thing about meeting bloggers for the first time is you're never really meeting them for the first time if you read each other's blogs. It's more like meeting up with an old friend that you haven't seen in awhile, where you can't stop talking for the next three hours straight. Especially if you've already emailed and commented back and forth quite a bit. What I didn't expect was to laugh so darn much. Along with the non-stop laughing, we never once ran out of things to say. I'm pretty sure we scared our table partner a little bit with our rabbit trail conversations that covered everything from cow parks to the benefits of wearing makeup. At one point we were stifling our laughter as the judges were making their comments on the reuben sandwiches. If I didn't think we would've been kicked out of there, I wouldn't have tried so hard to be quiet.

It's bad enough I was sneaking out my barely eaten leftovers for Brando (sorry, Manny's! But my nephew who we forgot to cancel as a babysitter and who showed up to babysit when we'd already dropped my son off elsewhere loved it so THANK YOU) and got strange looks on the way out as we weren't allowed to take leftovers. Who knew Reuben's were so filling?! Although I still think I gained ten pounds just eating the half Reuben I did.

Besides stifling our laughter and sneaking out leftovers, I'm pretty sure we built a repertoire of inside jokes in only two hours. Two hours which absolutely flew by, that is. Speaking of inside jokes, we were having fun too much fun to take pictures, but I found these two similarish pictures of us instead.

I feel so fortunate to have found a new friend, and such a real, down to earth one that's gorgeous to boot, and can't wait to see her again and conquer feeling too shy together at the next Ladies who Lunch.


linda said...

I loveeed this blog post. Naturally. Thank you for being such a fun and pretty date. ;) I agree. I think we scared the our tablemate. Can't wait to see you next time!

Sonya said...

Isn't it wonderful when blog friends become real life friends? Such a gift.

Ashley said...

babe, that is sooooo awesome! :) I'm so glad that you were able to meet a blogger. I would love to meet one, esp. you! :) I'm glad you guys had such a great time what a blessing to meet your friend.

<3 Ash

pinksundrops said...

Linda - Same here!

Sonya - So true. It makes the world a better place.

Ashley - Thanks, girl. And I'm counting on it next time I come to Arizona :) !


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