Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy New Years 2011!

Wow, what a productive, wonderful weekend to start off the new year!

Saturday we took a bike ride around Town Lake.

If I remember correctly, it's become a New Year's Day tradition as it's a day where we know we get to sleep in, yet the whole afternoon stretches in front of us, begging to be filled with a bike ride.

Town Lake is the perfect leisurely ride with plenty of room at the The Palmer Event Center

to stretch out on the grass and relax.

Today, we ran by Costco and found the most beautiful, functional bookcases and took the very. first. steps. towards decorating our home together (those periods are. so. overdone. but they get the point across oh so well). We chose the bookcases together. Brando and Justinbustin set up the first one together, then Brando set up the second one and switched things up a bit with only leaving a few of the linen baskets in. He even rehung the artwork to accomodate the new bookcase, put the lamp on top, framed a picture from our wedding renewal and put that on top, and moved flowers from another into the now available shelves. I put the finishing touches on it by filling a vase with coral from our first trip to Hawaii celebrating our nine year anniversary. The whole thing makes my heart smile every time I look at it from the corner of my eye as I sit here and type.

This is exciting to me for so many reasons, the most important of which are that I've always been the one to decorate our house, and for the past few years have mostly given up. Thanks to the inspiration of these amazing bloggers and specifically this post (check under Lovey Dovey Stuff on their Projects page for even more sweet and romantic couple decorating ideas), I have gotten Brando excited about creating a beautiful home for us to enjoy and relax in together. This was our first step.

In addition to that, Justinbustin volunteered at church this morning again, and we volunteered as a host family yesterday evening in an amazing program for families who are homeless or, better put, in transition, where the families are able to stay comfortably in churches for a week to two weeks at a time and are able to have their own room for their family instead of having to stay in shelters where quarters are often cramped and/or separated and the stay is less personal. As well, Brando surprised me with breakfast in bed this morning - yummy ,

and tonight we are relaxing with a clean house, a glass of Pinot Noir for me, and a Dos Equis for Brando, while the boys play one of their Christmas gifts on the Wii.


Ashley said...

Ohhhh a bike ride sounds like so much fun and such a neat tradition. :) I LOVE, love, LOVE your book case and the room itself. :) We have some of the same ones, but they are 3X3, so a little smaller and wider. You are such a designer! Like how that you have so many memories made to go with it. :)

<3 Ash

linda said...

i have what looks like an identical book case! ( got mine from Ikea. :) Loved what you did with the room.

Happy new year!

Goldilocks said...

What a fun, fun, fun day!! And LOVE those book shelves! That would make me so happy too! LOVE that you all picked them out together and everyone helped in putting them together! Happy sigh...

Had to take my blog back private. She came back and harassed him via email about my xmas gifts. :(

cayman77 said...

so sweet - he brought you breakie :)

Gooseberried said...

Happy New Year! I NEED new bookshelves badly. Our current ones are made of metal. Classy. :)

pinksundrops said...

Ash - I love the memories as well!! Oooh, and we got a new sofa - can't wait to post about it. If you loved the bookcase, you'll love the sofa, too :) . I'm so excited about it!

Linda - It IS identical! I looked it up on IKEA and saw it came in a bunch of different colors, but no baskets. Love it.

Goldilocks - Seriously, happy sigh. I do it every time I look at it now. So sorry she came back!! She needs to realize he has found his happiness and leave him alone. I'm thinking you're still coming up on reader, but checking to make sure, too.

Cayman - I totally melted when he surprised me with breakfast :) .

Gooseberried - Happy New Year to you, too!! Didn't you always think one day we'd just automatically grow up and have beautifully decorated houses? I didn't realize it was something that had to be worked on, and together.


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