Thursday, June 02, 2011

Walking the Golden Gate Bridge

Yes, I heart San Francisco, and last year when Brandon and I went on our renewalmoon, one of the things we did right before was walk the Golden Gate Bridge with my sister and her hubby. Pretty sure that was on my list of must-dos for this particular trip, and it just so happened that my sister and her hubby were willing to meet us and go, as well, which made it doubley as special.

We found parking on the south side of the bridge - the city side, took fun photos, and set out.

This cable sits just outside the entrance to the walkway and shows the millions of cables that go into making the two cables that spans the bridge. Each cable holds 27,572 wire strands and took over six months to make.
The awe of the structure only encompassed me more as we walked across it.

The booty of my sister's hubs, and the bootylicious booties of my sister (she'd probably hate me for this picture), and I
I loved reading all the little signs about the history

and looking to our right and seeing all of San Francisco,

Angel Island - the island Brando used to spend his summers at on his family boat, and the island Brando and I biked back when we were looking for a place to get married,
the neat old buildings that were used once upon a time to protect the entrance to San Francisco after Pearl Harbor, and...

DOLPHINS! Wai-what?! Of course there are dolphins in the ocean but I had never seen them in Santa Cruz or San Francisco, and to see them while walking the Golden Gate bridge? Talk about an epic moment. It was breath-taking and perfect. These are incredibly zoomed in, but you can see the whole structure of the dolphin.

This sign cracked me up, and, at the same time, made me a little sad, and glad that they actually offer counseling.
After we walked the Golden Gate bridge, I wanted to stop at a fun place to see the bridge. I REALLY wanted to head to the Marin Headlands, but since we were parked on the city side of the bridge it made more sense to stay on that side, rather than pay the tolls and fight traffic to cross. So we did, and found the perfect little beachy area for more gorgeous scenery.

That little jaunt made the entire experience all the more romantic and worth it, especially to say I walked the Golden Gate!! Can't wait to do it again!

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Liz said...

Looks like you got a surprisingly warm day... you should send a warning to anyone reading this who has not walked the GG Bridge that it is normally VERY brisk & windy! I would not recommend a sleeveless shirt on about 95% of the year!

Pink Sun Drops said...

Liz - This makes me laugh. Camels & Chocolate wondered the same thing. As I told her, I grew up in Cali and am a little bit hard-core. Especially with San Fran like weather as Santa Cruz has weather similar to San Francisco quite a bit of the time. You can see in a few of the photos that I definitely had layers when we crossed the bridge, though :) .


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