Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Life. Recycled.

Just came across this old post below. Melted my heart as I realize these words ring truer and truer every passing day.

As I've been adjusting my blog and making information more up-to-date and easily accessible, I've come across old posts which have left me reflecting on where my blog has ventured along with me the last five years. My boys have grown up on this blog. From our days of toddlerdomto home-schooling, to ventures through private schooland now public school. We've gone from the days of yore where we had nothing to do but fill our days with adventures to the duck pond, to the park, to Sea World, and fun trips. Reading over these posts, I feel a bit nostalgic for those days.
My life now is filled with three amazing men (okay, one's still working on the man part, but he's sure got the amazing boy part down) whose lives have grown individually outside of mine. 

One is a manager at a bank, a photographer, an amazing lover and husband, does almost everything in the house, amazing travel and adventure partner. One is a boy scout almost to first class,
a volunteer, a leader, involved in youth group, loves to text when he can get a hold of a phone, builds web-sites, creates movies, creates Power Point presentations. One is an excellent communicator, creative solution maker, lover of all things animals,
organized as much as an adult, creator of new spaces exactly to how he prefers them, runner. All these things I mentioned are things that weren't there five years ago when I started this blog. Who knew those lazy, fabulous, wonderful, precious, quality days of yore would lead to the amazing men I have in my life today? My heart bursts simultaneously with pride, love, an ache for the simpleness of those days, and an awe for the complexity and fulfillment of todays days. The men in my life surround me with amazingness each day, and though it no longer is captured in a photo of a precious hand reaching out to feed a duck, or a curled up sleeping baby on a pillow, or toddling little feet running to check out the newest sight, or eyes searching to find the airplane in the sky, it is reflected in the choices they make, the wonder of possibility in their eyes, the moments and the art they create, and the effect of their presence on others. Boys, I am SO proud of you. All three of you. You continuously blow my mind in every wonderful way possible.


Ashley said...

Love this post! :) I'm glad that you are able to look back at your old posts and see how much you have grown. That's what I want to do too. Glad you have such amazing guys in your life. They are your support system. You're everything. :)

<3 Ash

Pink Sun Drops said...

Indeed they are :) . Thanks, girl! xo


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