Wednesday, January 18, 2006


This was our plan for the week, as well as BG's phonics and math program:

Day 1) Float different objects in water, help them understand buouncy and density of air and wood how it’s lighter than water, guess which will float, Read The Story of Ping

Day 2) Reflect sunlight off a small mirror onto the wall, notice different reflections, go to the duck pond and feed the ducks, notice reflections of trees, sun, selves, Read Mirror
Review AA Milne reflections artwork

Day 3) Make duck paper plate craft, imitate ducks, make a clay duck, Read a duck book

Day 4) Locate China on Map and color the flag of China, eat at Panda Express and use chopsticks, Read Tikki Tikki Tembo or Day of the Dragon King

And this is what we actually did:

Day 1) Read The Story of Ping. Filled a bowl with water and noticed which objects float and which sink. Guessed which ones would float. Ducky guessed correctly each time, Mommy and Monkey did not!

Day 2) Made ducks out of playdough, imitated ducks eating, swimming, diving, read about geese, ducks and duckbilled platypuses from animal books, and read Mrs. Jemima Puddle Duck. Traced our silhouettes on paper. Made fireman silhouettes on paper (nothing to do with FIAR, but something we did out of our phonics program). Ate chinese food and used chopsticks for dinner. Mommy discovered her treasured family habit of only using chopsticks for chinese dinner has gone by the wayside.

Day 3) Went to the library : ) . Four different ones to be exact. Studied AA Milne’s illustration of a swan on water. Noticed our reflection in the mirror and the reflection of our fingers dancing on the surface. Noticed how we could make the sun dance on the ceiling and make silhouettes of our hands. Went to the duck pond and noticed the reflections of the geese, ducks, and the trees in the pond. Noticed that a piece of wood bark floats. Read Day of the Dragon King and Magic School Bus Ups and Downs about floating and sinking. LG was fascinated with the Magic School Bus Ups and Downs.

Day 4) Made Chinese pinwheels out of straws and paper and a Chinese kite out of flame fabric and wooden dowels and read about different things the Chinese use kites for. One legend was that one was used with noisemakers on it to scare off enemies, the other was a kite released on Qing Ming (a celebration of passed away ancestors) that took the evil spirits and bad luck with it. BG made two of his very own creations of Chinese kites. LG made little balls. Read Who Eats What? and learned about food chains.

Day 5) Made a trick kite out of flame fabric with Daddy and flew kites in our nearby soccer field. BG even learned to fly Daddy and his trick kite we got at the kite store! LG and I conquered the rocks and on the way back marked each one cave man like with his "letters".


girl from florida said...

I want to go to YOUR school!! :) :)

Laura said...

I love the story of Ping! What a great school!


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