Sunday, April 15, 2007

So We Went Camping

And it was absolutely fabulous. It was FREEZING yesterday with high winds that made it more cold. I wore five layers all afternoon until the evening when we sat around the bonfire and warmed our hands. Of course I didn't sleep well that night. We were camping for gosh's sake. What was I thinking wanting a good night's sleep?! Today the layers slowly came off as it warmed up to a perfect 73 degrees by early afternoon. We were with J's boy scout group and I've never had such a great time camping with a group of people. They were all friendly and uncliqueish, which I can't stand when people are cliqueish. Yesterday was too cold to do much so today we went hiking to the Devil's Waterhole where the kids climbed on the rocks and swam, hiked back and Brando and J went out on the canoe for a bit before we drove home. It was a relaxing, fun weekend.

Quote of the weekend:

Brando: J keep your shirt around your neck.

S: Me?

Me: No, Daddy was talking to J, because he's burnt. Actually you're kind of crispy too.

S: Good that means you can eat me.

Me: How does that mean I can eat you?

S: Because crispy means it's a doughnut. Because the doughnut place has Krispy in it's name.



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