Thursday, September 27, 2007

Young Mothers

Did I ever tell you about N*cole? She's in my class at school. We've been through the first math class together and now we're going through the second math class together. Her, K*m, and I together.

N*cole is my age. In December she'll turn the same year I turned in July. She has an eight year old and a half year old. Just like me. Before her I'd never met another mother who is the same age as me with a kid as old as mine. My jaw dropped when I learned she had an eight year old. We share a special bond, her and I, knowing what being such a young mom in such a f*cked up life is like. She's my rock, my fun girl, my one I share glances with that only other 25 and 26 year old mothers with eight year olds can understand. She is everything I've never been and so much of what I am and have been. She makes me feel not afraid of my crazy and isn't afraid to face her own. Being a mother this young of such an older child is crazy and I feel it. She emailed me the sweetest email last night, cheering me on, empathizing with me, and telling me to chill the f*ck out. Then she emailed me an email she sent to one of her lovers, because she has two. One she's with and one she wishes she could be with. And I laughed when I received it and felt a kinship with her over our crazy. Way back when I would've chosen my friends based on my closed-mindedness and couldn't have imagined a friendship with someone so different, yet strangely similar. God's taken me down so many different paths that I now find the people I am the most judgemental about getting to know end up being the most fascinating and intriguing people I've ever known. His opening of my mind and overflow of that open-mindedness into my heart and our similarities brought us together and she is one of the sweetest closest friends I could've imagined and always has my back. Always. Now I find her lifestyle isn't so different than mine, we've both taken different paths to get here with some similarities along the way, and here we are, crossing at the same place and walking along together for awhile.



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