Monday, February 11, 2008

My Wish List

This is going to be an ongoing list that I'm going to bump every time I add something to it. This way I'll have a list when people ask me what I want!!

First on the list (possibly the least likely, but oh well, maybe my mummy will spoil me):

*a facial!! Or series of facials! I want my skin back! Especially now that I'm treating it nicer.

*Brush set
These brushes
in this cuteness...

equal this

*Train case because it keeps one's makeup sooooo neat.
*Teeth whitening because Crest White Strips can only do so much.

*a Miele vacuum. Because my current Walmart crap vaccum's handle falls off at least two or three times each time I use it. And I actually LIKE vacuuming when I'm using a Miele.

*Henckel Knives. Because I think I've finally done enough cooking that I'd be careful enough not to slice any pertinent body parts off with them. Really, anything German made will do.

Oh, and check out this to die for GORGEOUS Lenox China set I just happened across while looking up those knives. Now THAT is a China set I could do very well with. Not on my wish list but still so purty I had to share with you.

*Luxe Links - to hold my purse on my island when I'm at home - right now I just hang it off the back of my French cafe barstools

Well that's it for now. Those are the three that stick out the most in my brain. I'll be adding littler (or more big) wishes as they come up.


Larissa said...

High quality knives are the best kitchen investment I ever made!

M said...

you like to vacuum? you can come over to my APT and vacuum for me :-)

Betsy77 said...

I luv luv the china set! What r u doing to make your skin nicer?:)a new creme? I am a creame junkie! Lol

s said...

love it all. p.s. how's the skin coming along? i've been meaning to ask for awhile now. :)

Camels & Chocolate said...

Ha, when did we become old enough when our wish lists comprised kitchen appliances and cleaning aides (it's the same for me, I'm not condemning!)?

pinksundrops said...

Larissa - Every time I use my parents' knives I am sooo jealous. One day... that's why it's on here!

m - So you're going to be buying me the miele, right? Aw thanks : ) !

betsy - I REALLY really really want to get a facial peel to just start over. That's my wish any way.

s - It's okay. I've still tortured it so bad I have some scarring that I'm not sure if it will ever go away unless I get a peel or something like that.

C&C - Right?! Gah. Of course it's something we HAVE to do now, so might as well make it fun and easy with gadgets that are actually fun and easy.

my life is brilliant said...

Are you still liking the Sephora lotion? I've wondered about that a lot since I read that post.

L said...

I love seeing people's wish lists! I am realizing lately how *blah* my skin is, and I wish I could afford facials, too. I haven't been using a good enough moisturizer, and I think I'm going to try mixing olive oil with vinegar and water for a night time lotion. I'll let you know how it goes. I hope well, because that would be so cheap!

Gooseberried said...

If only I were rich. I'd buy it all for you! :)


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