Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Mixed Feelings

With Brando's job comes a few perks. When they send him out of town to go on trainings he has a dining "budget" involving four times what we normally budget for all four of us to eat. To him they may not seem like perks because they involve him having to be out of town at boring ass trainings, but to me they are perks. At first I was happy for him - if he has to go out of town, at least he's got a corporate card to splurge on, heck even drink on! Oh, the places I would try and the drinks I would drink with having three quarters of my week's grocery bill to spend in one day! Well I was happy that he was able to do that. Right now, I'm not happy. Here I am, sitting at home for the second f*in week in a row eating toast and crackers while he's eating at Landry's in Dallas, which I just looked at the menu and they have fried zucchini. I heart fried zucchini. On top of it all I missed my math test today which just makes me want to have some sort of release even more. So, yeah, right now I am NOT happy for him.


Traci Anne said...

That's so unfair! :(

s said...

ugh, totally unfair, but i'm sure he'd rather be eating fried zucchini with you.

L said...

Lucky Brandon! Toast DOES get old, ugh. I only went out to dinner twice in January, and I miss it! I'm definitely craving some fried zucchini now!!

my life is brilliant said...

I bet it's hard not to be frustrated in that situation. I hope you get fried zucchini soon!

Gooseberried said...

Aww, I'm sorry darling! :(

Fly out here and I'll cooks you some delicious dinner! No restaurant needed. :)

Stace said...

I think I need to invest in toast. . or bread for that matter. . .I'm sorry. It does suck. There really is no bright side other than he's probably dying being away from you. :D

The Ex said...

Landry's is so my fav! If I had the budget I'd be at Pappasitos though. Fo sho.

Cheer up doll!

The Ex said...

Landry's is so my fav! If I had the budget I'd be at Pappasitos though. Fo sho.

Cheer up doll!

pinksundrops said...

Traci - I totally agree!

s - Thanks, that cheered me up : ) .

l - Wow, only TWICE?! I'm feeling bad about our many outings to eat, now... and feeling a little better about not getting to go out that night.

Brilliant - Damn right it is! lol, thanks though! I hope so too!

Goose - I'm totally taking you up on that!

Stace - Smart way to make a fortune. And I like to think he is, okay only at that moment, normally I'd be wishing he was having fun : ) .

Ex - I haven't been to either. Besides your recommendation Pappasito's sounds better any way just because of the name! Thanks, I think I have : ) .

He got home early on Wednesday and showed up at the door to my car with flowers and a card as I was getting out and scared the bejeezers out of me!! That made up for all of the burned out yukky feelings though, and then some!

A.P. said...

I say, you should just go out anyways! It sucks you missed your math test. Can you make it up?

And thanks bunches for the comment on my blog!


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