Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How to Be a Morning Person

Whenever I've heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day I've always disregarded it. I've never been a breakfast person. Whenever we're on vacation or eating breakfast for another random reason, I would literally force myself to eat and whenever I'm home I never bother to attempt it. Morning time just does NOT bring hunger pangs for me.

Sometimes I feel like it's how I stay skinny. When I eat breakfast I'm always STARVING at lunchtime. When I don't I can wait until 3 or 4 to eat and my body burns off EVERYthing I've eaten the day before.

Then I discovered a cup of coffee gets me in the mood to be okay with having something else in my mouth. After a few mornings of having one cup of coffee and toast before the kids get up (I was actually using the coffee to motivate me to get up so I would have everything ready in time, and added the toast because coffee and toast just sounds right), I've realized having food in my stomach actually turns me into a morning person. The key being just one cup of coffee which is just enough to get me going before the food kicks in and not enough to send me into a downward spiral in the afternoon, and to get me in the mood to have food.

I've always looked forward to the time of day after lunch and dinner because those are the times I'm most energetic and enjoy life the most. Well, I discovered that having breakfast puts me in the same mood! Of course I don't want to drink coffee all the time so I limit it to the mornings I have to wake up early. But when I do, I'm energetic, I enjoy life, I get things done. Before noon!


Stace said...

Not a coffee person. I am a breakfast person. But I've noticed if I get plenty of COLD water in the AM and breakfast I'm set until about 10 then I get sleepy but that's b/c I sit at a desk all day. Either way keep up the good work, whatever it is breakfast or not you still look hot. :D

s said...

i'm totally the opposite. well, i'm not a morning person at all. food no food, i do not want to talk, laugh, read, do anything except be a total grump head. however, i need to eat. i need to eat the minute i get up or i get extremely dizzy and nauseous and even more cranky(really my boyfriend totally loves me in the morning). i don't know how people could make it until 9am to eat breakfast. i'm dying by 8:30. sometimes on the weekends when i can sleep in i get up at 8 to eat some cereal and go back to bed.

girl from florida said...

oooh I look forward to my coffee every morning! Sometimes with a high fiber english muffin, or a bowl of Special K. It starts out my day and I go full force after that (even MORE full force with 2 cups of coffee!)

Did you know (real) studies have shown how much caffeine improves your thinking, logic, and attention? Coffee is also an antioxidant. You can't really go wrong with it.

Anonymous said...

"Sometimes I feel like it's how I stay skinny. When I eat breakfast I'm always STARVING at lunchtime. When I don't I can wait until 3 or 4 to eat and my body burns off EVERYthing I've eaten the day before."

That'd be your metabolism working the way it should which is the reason you get hungry by lunchtime. When you don't eat and wait until 3 or 4, that's your metabolism slowing down. Makes you skinny now, but once that metabolism slows to rate of turtle or less, here comes the fat!

pinksundrops said...

Stace - it's whatever works for you! I've been trying for years to find a way to be a happy person in the morning :) and drag my arse out of bed.

s - I find it SO strange that some people cannot go without eating in the am, but I know a lot of people like that.

Girl - my chest swells up when I drink coffee too many days in a row. Now if that was just in a certain AREA (and didn't hurt like hell) that'd be fine, but otherwise I have to limit myself.

Goose - I knew I'd get flack for that comment ;) . It's taken me awhile to get your comment to make sense in my head, but I think I've got it now...

Elle said...

I LOVE my morning coffee. I have it every day! I love waking up to a fresh pot waiting for me. I do breakfast 50% of the time.

I SO wish I was a morning person. I want so bad to pop out of bed at 5am every day, but when that alarm goes off, my comfy bed, egyptian cotton sheets and warm Dr. Sexy next to me just overcomes me and I snooze unti the LAST POSSIBLE MINUTE.


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