Friday, February 29, 2008

Things that make a relaxed day

As I sat here trying not to get stressed out over the dog chewing up my perfectly coordinated bathroom rugs I realized my day was already stressful, and I sat down to think about WHY it's stressful. Here are all the things that when I am doing them regularly, I can handle things like this without flipping my lid. So I'm going to work on a few of them, and let the rugs slide.

*waking up early
*having a cup of coffee and toast in the morning
*reading time alone in the morning
*no more than two non-regularly scheduled events a day
*no more than four non-regularly scheduled events a week
*steaming my face once a week
*doing my hair and face in the morning rather than the afternoon
*taking the dog potty at regular intervals
*quiet time for the boys and I in the afternoon
*having the house clean before bedtime
*eating lunch on time
*drinking water thru out the day
*taking my vitamins
*occasional bubble baths
*keeping up with the laundry
*keeping up with the boys room
*telling my boys the rules of our family and sticking to them

What are the things you do that make your day relaxed, and able to handle things thrown your way?


Stace said...

Working out! If I don't I'm a mess. My head gets to cluttered and I break down. So working out clears my head, helps my heart, and sends endorphins so I don't need medicine. :)

WendyB said...

I'm allergic to relaxation.

Camels & Chocolate said...

Bikram yoga! A nice, long run! Coffee, as well, and watching The Ellen Show =)

my life is brilliant said...

SOOOO with Stace on the gym. Oh man!

And chocolate. I realized a couple years ago after several days in a row in Pennsylvania with K and the boys at a campground that I HAVE to have a little bit of chocolate every few days to keep me sane (especially in those circumstances, since I'm OCD and not really made for camping). Chocolate is a God-send!

Betsy77 said...

* Drinking my am coffee
*Listening to the birds chirp
*Entering contests
* Getting luv texts from my bf
*Drinking lots of water-amen!
*Flossing and brushing lots
*facial masks-feeling refreshed
*Hot bubblebaths

Gooseberried said...

I'm with you on the morning cup of coffee. My FranklinCovey planner relaxes me, even just looking at it and working out is my favorite.

villagegirl said...

I hear you! I find when I get ready and get things done earlier I have more free time later and then it's not a stress when things come up.


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