Friday, February 01, 2008


Part of me feels like I should've just sucked it up and gone, then the other part of me looks at my sleeping six year old who's been asleep all day and was up throwing up at five this morning and feels like I'm a good Mom, even if everyone (including both him and I) is disappointed. Thanks to Brando for making me feel better by saying it's good for us to rest and get better, and even though Justinbustin may not have anything right now he may be able to fight it off chilling at home, but it may get to him if he got on the plane and did all the activities a trip to California and seeing 28 different people in two days requires.

Has anyone else discovered Yahoo answers? There seems to be some genuinely caring people on there. There's some idiots on there too, but this letter from someone who does care makes me feel better, too:

Hi Rose,

       Yes, we have had to cancel or postpone travel plans because of sick children (or us being sick). In fact, my husband is sick, and hasn't worked [editor's note: her hubby's a pilot] these past two days (he had bronchitis). He just called in saying he can't work tomorrow either because his ears are still clogged. It is not recommended for anyone who is sick to travel. Aside from just feeling crummy on the flight, you can do damage to your ears. Of course there are precaution methods to help with ear popping, but when your sick, sometimes those don't help. If you still want to make the trip, then you should have a check-up with the doctor first to make sure he gives the okay. If it were me, personally, I wouldn't risk taking my sick children on a flight.

I did have to make a flight when my son was sick once. We had gone to Paris and he caught bronchitis. We took him to the hospital, got him medicine, and decided to fly back to our home in Tunisia so that he could get the care he needed. It was the hardest 2.5 hour flight I have ever had! There were moments when he was moaning, throwing up, crying, or lethargic. Thankfully because everyone knows my husband since he is based out of the airport we landed at, we were able to de-board first, and cut through customs and security. The first thing I did when we landed was to call the doctor (it was 12midnight). From the time he had been diagnosed in Paris to the time the doctor saw him when we landed in Tunisia (half a day?) he went from having bronchitis to having pneumonia. It was terrible. 



Traci Anne said...

Yeah, the people on Yahoo! Answers are really idiotic most of the time. So ridiculous!

Anyway. Hope y'all are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

I agree that you should have stayed home. My parents always did that too and I feel bad for them because I was quite the sickly kid.

Tootsie roll!

Stace said...

I hope everyone heals quickly. yucky. :/

pinksundrops said...

Because I don't want to waste another precious post, I'm just going to put it on here. So I've gone thru the grief stage of being sad we're not going. Now I'm just PISSED that we're not going. So pissed that I'm even pissed off about stuff that makes no sense at all. Grr.

Trace & stace - thanks.

Goose -Thanks for your support. That made me feel better (and moved me past the sad stage : ) .

The Ex said...

Yahoo! Answers can go either way. I've seen HORRIBLE things on there. Like, omg, who's the president!!?!? What's the difference between who's and whose!?!?1 She seems so good though. Yay for nice people.

s said...

i think you already know you made the right choice. i flew while i was sick once. i choked on a cough drop, thank god my mom is a nurse and my ears where in such pain i willed my head to explode. overall, not a great vacation for me.

Elle said...

I think it is good you didn't go, because if you did, you would have subjected everyone on the place to catching his illness. Specifically, if there had been people on the plane who were healthy, but were elderly or have compromising immune systems, you would have exposed them to getting sick too, and people like that can't snap back like kids can.

So good for you, for being a GREAT person and not going!

Hope you all feel better SOON!!!!!


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