Friday, June 20, 2008

The Work

Some of you may be thinking you missed the memo about me working. You didn't. I signed back up, for weekends only, with the staffing company for leasing agents that I worked with last year.  My first job this time around was because the company requested somebody "energetic and upbeat". Whoohoo, baby, that's me. When I went in, the manager I worked with wanted to hire me the first day, and her fiancee tried to set me up with his best friend. The next day his best friend came in to meet me. Sorry, buddy, still married. I didn't get divorced overnight. Good to know my dating options would still be open if I wasn't married though ; ) . Nice start to getting back into the work force.

I'm not considering the permanent position she offered until the end of the summer when it would start. It's opening up a new property, which was also the case with the permanent job I accepted last summer. And then quit a week later when I discovered the 60+ hour work week they wanted out of me. I was picking my nanny up at six am in the morning in order to get to work on time. I think I ran on three hours of sleep that whole week, with school, homeschool, work, and the nanny. This job would be weekends only. Though, it would also be EVERY weekend.

Right now I really like the option of being able to say I'm not available this weekend that temporary working offers. I do miss out on the money for the leases I sign at each community. If I was hired on with one company I would get commission on each lease. Right now though we really need something to just get by and not mess with our dynamics too much, and for now this is working!


Stace said...

Well if it's working for you then awesome, I can't imagine being a working MOTHER. But it appears you are pulling it off, in what appears with the greatest of ease. :)


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