Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

So I've been very very bad about updating my New Year's resolutions, unlike S. However, one  resolution I've noticed that I've been doing awesome at is that I've actually been taking pictures of the happy moments, not just moments for my blog. The other day I was thinking, boy we haven't experienced many fun events lately! Then I looked at my camera and I had six different events all piled on top of each other in my camera, and each one of them was an equally happy splendid moment. There wasn't a single picture of a bad moment on there, even one that may've looked happy in a picture had I went ahead and took a picture. I am so grateful. And just because I've talked about it so much and don't want to be TOO much of a tease, here are (more than) a few:

Allie and I in Dallas

Fishing with the Boys

Baby Birds in our breezeway

Shawn watering his garden

Wrapping presents for friends

At said friends birthday party

BBQing at the Pool

Can't forget the s'mores!

Breakfast a la Brando

Three Day in the full sun from 8am-5pm Cub Scout Camp - see the tired?

Earning his Leave No Trace Award - out of all the rules to leave no trace when in nature,
Shawners picked leash your pet to illustrate

Fishing at camp - 6 fish in 45 minutes rocked!
Signing the Leave No Trace Award at camp
Our one activity to cool off
Justinbustin made a bullseye in archery!
Shawners made a bullseye in BB guns! Such a proud momma,
my two boys were two of the three in our pack to make a bullseye
Discovering Mayfield Park

Baby Peacocks!
Our Favorite Date Spot - Barton Springs

Right next door to our favorite date spot - Zilker Hillside Theatre 
Ballet Under the Stars

Discovering Zilker Botanical Gardens
Brando doing his thing

One of the results

Again at our favorite date spot, only with the kids this time

"Around the World in 80 Minutes" Austin Civic Orchestra at Zilker Hillside Theatre


California Girl said...

Great photos, really! Just hang on to the good times to get you through the not-so-easy times :)

L said...

I'm so glad you posted all the pics! It's been awhile. They're all so good. Shawn looks so stinkin' cute in his little ball cap. :)

Chele said...

Wow I love all these pics, so nice...made me feel so warm and happy when I saw them. Your boys fishing and doing activities melted my heart. Great pics!!

amanda rae said...

wow, amazing pictures!! i always promise myself to take my camera everywhere i go and then i always forget to actually take the pictures! i am going to learn from you and start taking more pictures! nice job!

girl from florida said...

Wow! This is probably one of my most favorite posts you've ever done, it made me feel really happy and smiley, and I've seriously had a bummer kind of day... so the post WORKED! :) I love that you've documented these beautiful moments, they will bring so many smiles to your face one day (they probably already do). You have such a fabulous perspective and insight into your life, I envy it sometimes. Love you sweetie!

villagegirl said...

Wow, it looks like you've had so much fun! Great pics!

Bee said...

Aww, lovely pics of happy times and you look totally cute too.

Stace said...

You and my Allison. :D Awe I can't wait until you come up here or me down there! Love the picture post. I love LOVE LOVE pictures.

s said...

love love this post!


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