Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day

We did see the pastor Sunday. He talked to both of us separately. He asked me how I felt we were doing and I said, "Pretty good, I think." He says, "No, you're not." Then he goes on to say that our relationship is dysfunctional, we're not treating each other with respect, and we both need to go to counseling. Pin drop. Talk about a wake up call. Well, at least we can work on it now right? That's pretty much all I'll say here for now. I like to get the really tough stuff out because that IS life and reality, but the rest is just daily crap. No need to put it here unless it's drama ; ) .

Other than that, it was an absolutely amazing Father's Day. The boys and I made Brando breakfast in bed, and the boys brought him a book Justinbustin had personalized for him, a craft Shawners had made for him while he was still in school, and a few "Dad" books.

Brando handed out coupons out of a Dad coupon book he had been given last year. They each got to pick an adventure and an extra treat, and I got to pick an hour, or afternoon of whatever I wanted. So after lunch we spent the day going to the park, going fishing, having milkshakes, Justinbustin taking pictures, and an hour long bubble bath for me that Brando joined a little later!


Stace said...

BATHTIME FUN! gotta love it! one day at a time is all i say. Good luck

L said...

Sometimes (or most times, rather) it's good to hear the hard stuff. My friend just told me last night that I'm not the same as when I moved here, not as passionate about my walk with God. And she's right, and it's encouraged me to ask for accountability and get that back, because I miss it so much! You're right - at least now you can work on it. It sounds like you had a great Father's Day!


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