Friday, May 08, 2009

Fabulous Weekends

Mostly to push the previous post down the page... I have had SO many fabulous weekends this year ALREADY, I could call it a day, or a year, rather and leave it at that. It's almost like I've had a summer full of weekends! BUT I'm not leaving it at that, and I am SO very happy about it!! It seems the more I say yes to things the more opportunities come up (hello, Yes, Man, still can't wait to read that book), which gives me more have to say nos, too. I feel inadequate not being able to do everything, especially when it's completely out of my control and I want to push and shove to make it work, to the point where I'm ready to melt down. That's not healthy, and I need to make sure I pay attention to what I NEED to do in the first place i.e. it's really impossible for me to leave until Friday evening, unless Brando requests the day off. Sunday night, I have to be back, unless he requests the Monday off. See where I'm going with this? I've planned too many trips around "Well, it'll happen." You know what? I take that back. This is the first trip I've planned this way and it ended in utter disaster. So, I give myself some credit for the fabulous weekends I have had i.e. Valentine's Day weekend with Brando, bachelorette party weekend with Genie, He's Not That Into You Girls Night weekend, Hawaii and Cali TWO weekends, pool and girl time weekend with M, Bollywood weekend with S&S, Brando's birthday weekend, road trip weekend with KT, weekend with Allison, and that's just what was on the calendar from February, not to mention the other half dozen things we did that I didn't put on the calendar. Half the things I don't put on there 'cause I'm too excited I won't forget them! So I will survive this weekend. I will be sad, but I will survive, and it's already going to be fabulous any way if I can get over my hump and go out with KT or Li tomorrow night, since they both invited (actually, Li invited tonight, but I do need a little time to grieve). So here's to more fabulous weekends and boo on activities that don't pan out!


L said...

Aw bummer, I'm sorry! But it's good you're focusing on all the great weekends you HAVE had, which is more than most people can say. I hope you have a great weekend anyway!

pinksundrops said...

Yup! Working on it! So far, so good! And nice and relaxing. Strange, when I talk to my sis and she's on the harbor eating breakfast with everybody and juggling a hubby who's drinking too often, and a baby, and her plate, I'm not feeling any pangs of heart ache. Miss her like crazy but all of my family members at once? With all the things that didn't line up, that, on top of it (with out Brando), wouldn't be worth it.

Okay I'm done justifying it all to myself now : ) !!


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