Friday, May 15, 2009

Productivity Complete!

So far today I've attended Justinb's living museum at school, gone to Starbucks for coffee, gone to yoga with KT that had a view which looked like it was straight out of Italy, and am about to start school with Shawners. I think that more than makes up for Wednesday, no?

Justinb's living museum was sooooooo cute. The kids had a button the parents and other students got to press and the kids would "come alive" and give a two minute presentation about their character. Justinb was Henry Ford. He was dressed up in a little suit and tie, with a 1950's F100 Ford truck as his prop.

 His friend was Daniel Boone next to him, and on the other side was his other friend, George W. Bush. So adorable!  Amelia Earhart, Annie Oakley, Florence Nightingale, Charles Lindbergh, Davy Crockett - they were all there. They learned SO much about so many different characters!

We pressed all of Justinb's classmates buttons, then headed to yoga with KT. OMG her view at her apartment is AMAZING.

This is a picture from Como, Italy, but looks exactly like our view this morning.

We sat there on the balcony with the breeze blowing and the tuscan plastered roof overhead in the most compromising positions that ended up being totally relaxing once I got over giggling to myself and KT that Brando would absolutely LOOOOOOOVE that I am taking that class and stretching myself to the limits, if you know what I mean. My favorite part was at the end when the instructor had us relax as he named each body part to relax. Whenever somebody tells me to relax each body part i.e. relax your shoulders, relax your elbows, relax your forearms, relax your wrists, etc, each body part goes totally limp, relaxes completely and freezes there. I feel totally hypnotized and love the feeling!



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