Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Life Is Good

This morning I went to a Mother's Day Tea with Shawners and his class. He read me a poem,

a story,

and I guessed which picture was mine. Of course I guessed right the first time because I know how he has been drawing shirts lately. Plus, it helped that his was the best up there, my eye drew right to it.

Justinb came home with a Mother's Day book for me,

complete with a butterfly outlined with all my attributes,

and coupons for free hugs and kisses on flower stems. 

So cute!

I got to pick Shawners up from school today, so we got home earlier than normal. The neighborhood kids were out playing, so I told the boys they could go wash their hands and play right away since we're usually never home before the one boy Justinb really enjoys playing with is off to baseball practice. Looking around the house and really wanting to wash my hands of it, I decided to go join them. So the group of kids and I walked to the dog park with Brownie where the kids played baseball and Brownie had a ball sniffing out every dog scent there. Afterwards, one of the boys headed off to baseball practice, and the rest of us hit the pool. I met a neighbor who has apparently been my neighbor since three months after we lived here, but we are just now meeting. We chatted at the pool, then went our separate ways.

Brando got home and we had dinner. Then, my neighbor, Jenifer - Justinb's substitute teacher, and I decided to head out for a walk. I texted Justinb's teacher, Jo, to join us. Turns out she was walking by as I texted her so she came to my place for some water and then we picked up Jen and made our rounds, yapping the whole way in the warm, breezy feels like summer evening.

Totally love this afternoon! Wish I could duplicate it for ALMOST every evening. I still need my girls nights, date nights, and weekend nights out after all ; ) ! The boys like their cub scouts, too : )  .


Patty Ann said...

I've left something for you over on my blog :)

pinksundrops said...

Thanks, Patty Ann! I heart it!

Ronnica said...

Cute stuff...looks like you had a good Mother's Day!


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