Friday, May 08, 2009

What a week

We've been debating back and forth over going to California this weekend for my parent's anniversary. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, considering the swine flu (so much of it is fear mongering - but do you have kids that like to pick their noses, chew on their fingers, and constantly touch their face? 'nuff said), job schedules, and school schedules. Finally we decided we'd go, but we'd come back early. Now, we're waiting on Brando to find out if he can even get off early today to catch the flight!!! Agh!!! So frustrating not knowing if I'm going or not!! I guess I'll get started on my list, and just be a little more disappointed if we're NOT going than if I wasn't packed and we weren't going. On top of that, this morning I woke up with a gunky feeling throat and the sniffles. The two beers and the random jager bomb somebody purchased the girls Brando works with and I, plus the Crunch bar and Runts I stole from Brando, last night probably didn't help.

Update: Brando is not able to get off work. Having a job right now is more important than being there. It sucks, and I will probably cry for the next two hours about it, but it's life.


allimarie said...

I'm crossing my fingers it works out and yall go! SO wish I was going with you!!! Maybe later this summer???? wink wink!

Make that gunky-ness go away asap! No time for that mess!!

Stace said...

I'm sorry chica, but you are right having a job right now is a big deal. Maybe something else will come up to go see them or just a random weekend would be nice too. xoxox

allimarie said...

Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry! Yes, cry! It will make you feel better to release your saddness.

I'm still serious about planning a trip where I get to go there with you!!! :-)

pinksundrops said...

Thanks you two. The tears are over and I'm on to enjoying the weekend! Honestly, not having the stress of 18 other family members isn't so bad! But I sure do miss the beauty of Cali. Good thing I still have Hawaii's beauty to fill my mind ; ) !


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