Sunday, May 10, 2009

Best Mother's Day weekend evah!!

Woke up this morning to Shawners asking me, "Can I give you my present now?" Yesterday, he painted a painting for me with his art teacher, and Daddy and him brought it all the way home and put it away so it would be a surprise. He gave me his BEAUTIFUL painting which I loved.

Then, Brando brought me coffee, a bacon, egg, and salsa breakfast burrito in a fresh tortilla, and my computer (opened up to Blogger, Bloglines, and Facebook) in bed. He knows me all too well : ) . I spent the morning in bed, then lazily got ready to go to Shakespeare in the Park. It is Romeo and Juliet this year and I LOVEd it!! Strangely enough, it had a Latin flair to it, which at first was a little hard to get into. After awhile though the whole thing worked well, and, as Brando said, culturally with the family dynamics it seemed to fit. It was fun for the boys to hear the Spanish being spoken intertwined with the Shakespearean (the program had a section that translated the few phrases spoken in Spanish).  The actors were amazing, especially in the 94 degree weather. The actress who played Juliet was so impressive I found my feelings matching hers as if the events were really going on.

They were selling cascarone eggs as part of the Latin flair. As soon as Shawners heard they were selling eggs filled with confetti that you get to crack over someone's head he had to buy some "Mother's day confetti eggs". 

I was the lucky recipient of the first two - they were Mother's Day confetti eggs after all, and Daddy got the third one.

 Afterwards, we came home and cooled off at the pool for a few hours. So relaxing and chill, just what we needed after a day in the hot, gorgeous weather.

A perfect day!


Ashley said...

OMG your little one is such a doll, that painting is awesome!!

allimarie said...

Wow! I want those little artists to paint ME something! :-)

What a GREAT sounding day!!

pinksundrops said...

Thanks girls! I should post a photo of their art display sometime. It's jaw-dropping. Allison, I'll ask them about painting you something. They would totally love to!


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