Friday, May 29, 2009

Dinnertime Conversations

For Christmas my sister gave me one of the best gifts I have ever received. It's a circle shaped tin with a stack of cards inside with a picture of a penny on one side and on the other side a conversation starter to help parents and young children connect. It's called Penny for your Thoughts. For the past six months, every time we have sat down to dinner we have pulled this out at the end of dinner and spent twenty to thirty minutes chatting over five to ten questions.

Here are tonight's Penny for your Thoughts' inspired conversations:

"Name 3 blessings in your life."

Justinb: A good education, parents, and the opportunity to go to college.
Shawners: My Mom, my Dad, and my good friend, Travis.
Brando and I: each person in my family.

"What do you suppose being successful means?"

Justinb: When they have done what they wanted to do, or almost done what they wanted to do. He then quoted something about Thomas Edison.
Shawners: I don't know.
Me: I like Justinb's answer so much, I'm going with it.
Brando: Making a goal and meeting it, in everything in life.

"Tell me about God."

Shawners: He...
helps people with stuff.
loves everyone.
always sees what you say and knows what you say.
knows if you're going to hell or heaven.
everyone loves him. Except for some people. Like Satan.


L said...

Cute, I like this idea. Really neat way to connect.


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