Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Change of Pace

So this weekend is going by just as slow, but for a completely different reason. It is PACKED full with the boys going to camp, working out every morning (hello, washboard abs!), errands, cleaning, and going to school in the afternoon. Shawners came by the table while I was doing homework this afternoon, and says, "Are you doing homework?" I said, "Yes." And he says, "You're going to summer school?!" Haha, yes, but only for a few weeks to catch up on what I learned last year so I'll be more prepared for the fall.

In lieu of anything else interesting to say... or just because I'm too tired! Here are some pictures:

BBQing out with KT, M, Li, and K

Date at T*ff's Treats while the boys were at art class - yum!

Our infamous stormy date night where we swam, watched an outdoor production and drove through a lightning, hail, wind, and rainstorm all in an hour and a half

The outdoor theatre. My favorite, favorite, favorite unique place in Aust*n!

The ballet production acts of Elvis and the Beatles. This was Blue Suede Shoes.

Baseball game at R*und R*ck Express

Funnel cake at the baseball game. Yum!

Beer at the baseball game. Even more yum, although it got kind of warm towards the end.

Stormy skies behind us - second night we were stormed out.

Our seats. At least we weren't stormed out til' the ninth inning!

Trial run for Brando taking h*gh school s*nior portraits. I LOVE how this one turned out. There was really no pretty scenery anywhere near that gate except for the gate itself and he totally made it work. Oh he also did these on our date where we went to T*ff's Treats. We squeezed a LOT into an hour!!


Jillian said...

those are great pictures....that food looks great...and i love tiff's treats...we order some at the office once a month...

and as always you look beautiful! :)

glad you are staying busy!

Patty Ann said...

lucky duck...i would kill for some tiff's treats right now. i love austin activities!

allimarie said...

Once again, it's impossible for you to take a bad picture!!


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