Monday, March 07, 2011

Trip & Mend

Tall Sassy Gal had a good question on my last post - is it just Brando and I, or are the kids coming with? The answer is since our anniversary date in November is so busy with Thanksgiving and birthdays, we celebrate our anniversary over Spring Break. We take the kids to the grandparents in our coastal hometown in Cali, spend a day to a few days with them, then take off on our own. This time we will take the kids to the snow for a few days before we come back to our hometown and take off. So, yes, it's just Brando and I.

Also, I found an aaaamazing chiropractor for my back. One that won't make me come in three times a week forever (because, let's face it, I won't, besides not having the money, never mind the time). I've had two appointments so far with another eight or so to go and am already feeling HUMUNGOUS times better. Unfortunately I was an idiot and vacuumed my house on Saturday after having the appointment Friday and feeling FANTASTIC through errands, halfway putting on a spare, and sitting an hour and a half in traffic. Apparently activities like vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, and raking (you know all the things that DESPERATELY need to happen after five weeks of me being in bed) are triggers because of all the twisting and holding weight out at arms length - hence my forty pound vacuum triggering me being back on my bed for three hours. Fortunately, I actually recovered and felt almost fantastic again Sunday! I went back for my second appointment today and feel like the triggers I set off with the vacuuming are gone, thank GOODness.

Speaking of the trip, the chiropractor vetoed some of my crazier activities I reported in my previous post (apparently, not to scare me he said, but he's seen two people have to have back surgery from going on a high speed power boat and getting hurt when the boat came down and hit the waves - I've been on a boat in choppy waters in a lake and was literally crying until I realized sitting in the back was much much better, so I can't imagine what being on the ocean would be like - he said sitting by the engine would be fine, but now I'm not sure I want to chance it). I have a few more activities to ask him about when I see him once more before we go on our trip. I can't help it, when I feel myself (like I am feeling closer and closer to these days - hallelujah!!) I want to do EVERYthing. I am finding out more and more these days that is who I am : ) .



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