Monday, March 21, 2011

Before I Forget

This trip has been epic. Oh, and my back recovered later on Saturday, thank goodness. Not 100% up to par, but definitely not feeling like I need to be back in bed. The chiropractor said recovery would be quicker, and I'm glad that has been happening! This is becoming a story of my back blog, so back to the trip...

Thursday -
Arrived in Santa Cruz
Had lunch at In n Out (the first of many at In n Out) with my Mommy
Brando and I went to an event my dad put on at a restaurant in San Jose and had a delicious dinner while the boys stayed with Brando's Mom

Friday -
Lunch at Walnut Avenue Cafe with Brando's Mom
Shopping with Brando's Mom - got a new wardrobe, whoo - spoiled me!
Dinner at Kianti's with my family

Saturday -
Watched the sunrise over the city and the ocean
Watched the tsunami hit SC at West Cliff while on the phone with my Mom who was watching it at the harbor
Had breakfast at Kellye's French Pastries - delicious
Lunch at Crow's Nest on the beach with my Mom, sister, nieces & nephews
Took the boys to the Boardwalk on the beach
Watched the boys play on the beach and in the ocean

Sunday -
Ate breakfast at Aldo's on the harbor with Grandma and Grandpa
Took the boys to Seymour Marine Center to hold starfish and see dolphins while Grandma and Grandpa napped in their RV
Took the boys to the movies to see Rango with Grandma and Grandpa

Monday -
Lunch with my Mom at Paradise Beach Grille on the ocean
Headed to Sacramento to stay with my sister

Tuesday -
Went to Northstar where Brando & Justinbustin snowboarded and I skiied
Brando and Justinbustin snowboarded down the mountain all day
Went all the way up to the summit on my first time skiing and very second run - the first run was the bunny hill - Brando has a video of me going down it then turning around and saying, "Okay, I'm ready to go up the mountain!"

Wednesday -
Headed back to SC by way of San Francisco
Took the boys to the Golden Gate bridge with the view of Alcatraz, Angel Island, and the coast
Had dinner with my cousins and their baby
Made the final stretch to SC

Thursday -
Brando and I went on our romantic venture to Pismo Beach by way of Carmel & Pebble Beach
Stopped at the Farm in Aptos for our favorite lunch ever and orgasmic tasting coconut macaroons
Brando bought me a beautiful bracelet and necklace at the Farm to take the place on the trip of the special ones I usually bring but accidentally left at home
Hiked Point Lobos in Carmel
Had dinner with my aunt and uncle at Pebble Beach
Made the final stretch to Pismo

Friday -
Rode ATVs from BJs on the beach
Drove on the beach at Oceano
Had massages at Sycamore Mineral Springs
Soaked in the natural mineral springs hot tubs at same
Ate delicious sushi at Yanagi (yummy eel, tuna, and salmon rolls) with my childhood best friend and her new boyfriend

Saturday -
Watched the sunrise on the beach with delicious cinnamon rolls from Old West Cinnamon Rolls
Visited with another aunt and uncle
Stopped by Edna Valley Vineyard and wine tasted with a gorgeous view (stinkin' headache afterward but it was worth it)
Went to Montana De Oro
Drove by Avila Beach

Sunday -
Had cinnamon rolls with my childhood best friend
Headed home to SC a day early to avoid the storm hitting Pismo
Said goodbye to my sister who had come in for the weekend and was heading back home
Brando's Mom took the boys out to feed the seals, shop, and have lunch so Brando and I could finish off our weekend
Went shopping - California has such awesome clothing and prices
Dinner at Soif, one of Brando's and my old haunts - so romantic to go back
Gelatto at Riva's on the Wharf

Monday -
Had brunch at my favorite bakery and cafe ever, The Farm, in Aptos
Shopped at The Farm as they also have my favorite gift store ever
Found our own private scenic view of the coast on the way to Capitola, a first for both of us
Walked in Capitola Village
Walked Capitola Wharf
Lunch at Bocci's Cellar with Brando's Mom for her birthday
Dinner at the ever beautiful Shadowbrook with my family

Tuesday -
Took Justinbustin surfing in the morning
Met a new blogger friend while he was out in the water with her friends
Had lunch at the Farm again with Brando's Mom
Drove over the hill on the way to the airport
Ate at In N Out
Hung out in my parent's RV
And we were off, just like that - sadness


Teagan B. Sawyer said...

Sounds like such a wonderful trip!

linda said...

sounds heavenly. i want.

L said...

It sounds like the perfect vacation!! Glad you had a wonderful time!

Rose said...

Teagan - I can't wait to play with pictures - there are so many! Poor Brando was exhausted, but I certainly got my fun in :) .

Linda - It was heavenly. So spoiled!

L - Thanks, girl. It really, really was - especially because we got to see SO much family.

Athena said...

love the recap! glad you had a wonderful time. what do you recommend seeing/eating in San Fran? we are planning a weekend there in the next month or so!


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