Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Couch-to-5k Third Workout

For the first and second runs of my Couch-To-5k Workout, go here and here.

Tonight Justinbustin had youth group down in south Austin, so Brando, Shawners, and I dropped him off then went and parked at Zilker Park so I could run Town Lake Trail aka Lady Bird Lake Trail while Shawners and Brando hung out at Zilker. Brilliant. I left the watch I'd been borrowing from Justinbustin at home, so I used his iTouch to time my run instead.

7:25pm Running down rocks to the trail. This was not so smart. Guy running up the rocks. Strange.
7:26pm Why the heck is the walk part the longest most boring part ever? And what the heck is up with these gnats on the trail? *swat*
7:27pm Seriously, am I the only one dealing with these gnats. They can't just be following me, can they? *nervous glance at other walkers/runners to see if they seem to be bothered*
7:28pm Okay, this is going so slow. Time to enjoy the beauty of the lake you're walking alongside.
7:29pm 30 seconds Ooh, pretty plants next to the water.
7:31pm Thank God that's over. The plants and lake are pretty, but what is that stench?
7:31pm First run. Slight side cramp. Nooo!
7:31pm 30 seconds Oops, I forgot water again. Maybe that's why I have the side cramp. Good thing I'm running by Brando's car where I left my water bottle.
7:32pm 30 seconds Banging on the car window trying to wake Brando up so I don't break my time. Success.
7:32pm 45 seconds Water in hand. Why did that guy ask me how I was doing as I was running past him? Did he not see I was busy?
7:33pm Run back to the trail. Seriously, the whoot out of the car is tried and failed. Just keep driving guys.
7:33pm 15 sec Man, these gnats are EVERYwhere. And it's not just me. I see other people swatting.
7:33pm 30 sec Ooh, look, I just saw that walking girl running a minute ago. She must be doing intervals, too.
7:34pm I feel like pig pen from peanuts. These gnats are following me. And they're worse when the stench of the lake gets worse.
7:35pm Back to running. Sweet, I'm ten minutes in. I can do this. And no more side cramps!
7:36pm Smooth sailing with my water. Love it.
7:37pm 30 seconds More running.
7:38pm Uh oh, I feel like throwing up. Maybe eating before running wasn't the smartest idea. Especially after adding water on top of it.
7:38pm 30 seconds Thank goodness I get to walk again. I seriously am starting to feel food coming up.
7:39pm Almost to the point I need to turn around. Dang, there are so many sweaty, huffing, puffing people around. I do not like this.
7:39pm 30 seconds I can do this. Just breathe.
7:40pm Time to run and turn around. I'm skipping the trail and taking the grassy way back to the car.
7:40pm 30 seconds Ahhh, peace. No gnats, no stench, no people. I love running on the grassy field.
7:41pm I did another run. No upchuck. Thank goodness.
7:42pm I love walking all by myself. Town Lake Trail is so not my cup of tea to run.
7:43pm 30 seconds Last run! Can't believe I did this again. This time was the most challenging with the new terrain, the people, and the nasty gnats. Wonder how many I swallowed.
7:44pm 30 seconds Victory lap around the parking lot where Brando and Shawners are parked.
7:45pm 30 seconds Okay, really, it's a final cool down lap so nothing comes up. Can't wait to get back to the car and let my stomach settle.
7:46pm Back to the car. So happy I pushed through and finished!


Teagan B. Sawyer said...

Good for you for pushing through and finishing...go you!

Ashley said...

you're my inspiration!! :) xoxo. keep up the good work.

<3 ash


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