Saturday, March 19, 2011

Romantic Update

Been having an AMAZING trip thus far. Got massages yesterday - not because I needed one but because Brando did after snowboarding. She worked really, really hard on one knot and worked me over pretty good all over. I walked away sore and now, I've been up and in pain since 3am - catching up on the Bachelor while I'm at it harhar. ARGH. I am hoping I recover tomorrow because we still have so MUCH to do these next few days and they're the days Brando and I have alone - our time alone started on Thursday and it's only Friday! If not, it's been an amazing trip already and I hope I can be content with that.

PS We went ATV riding and drove in our car on the BEACH today. Seriously, I should be SO happy with that if that's all I get to do, right?!!


linda said...

look at you! how awesome :)

pinksundrops said...

Linda - :) They were so fun! Fortunately, I didn't realize I could go fast until the end haha, so I saved my back from too much jolting. Brando on the other hand was all over. I have a video of him jumping off at the top of a dune before he fell off. Sigh.


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