Sunday, March 27, 2011

Couch-to-5k Second Workout

Second interval run. So proud of myself!

3:55pm Starting out with walking. Most boring part ever.
3:57pm Seriously, it's only been two minutes?
3:58pm Mmm, smells like barbeque weather. Love all the purple flowers on the patios.
3:59pm I'm also at the end of my running area, where the heck am I going to run. Should've taken the road.
4:00pm First run. Not bad. Uh-oh, slight side cramp. Shoot, this better not put me down for the count.
4:02pm Yay, the walking time totally allows for the cramp to be breathed away.
4:03pm Guess I'll go run over where they are doing the new construction. Oops, I'll have to jump fences during my running time. That counts.
4:03pm 30 sec Wow, I've worked up a sweat already. Awesome.
4:05pm Ooh, pretty sunset through the trees from the construction area.
4:07pm Running time. Uh-oh, did I seriously forget water? I am breathing heavy and this side cramp is coming back with every run. At least it's leaving with the walks.
4:08pm Better head back to my place.
4:09pm 30 seconds Can't believe I forgot water. Dumb. Hope it doesn't ruin my good feeling about running. Note to self: BRING WATER.
4:10pm Routine at this point. Side cramp while running, walk off the side cramp, run again. Thinking this may have to do with my lack of water.
4:14pm Almost back to the house, but need to walk off this last cramp.
4:15pm Totally covered in sweat. Love it.
4:15pm 30 sec Back at the house within 30 seconds of my target time. Awesome.


AnEarly30 said...

I was motivated by the Couch to 5K training post as well and just started this morning. Love reading your commentary on it! My plan is to do my 2nd run on Thursday and my 3rd for the week on Saturday. Keep it up! :)


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