Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Top Shelf

Ooh, how exciting! As I was cleaning out my inbox, I deleted an email with "media invite" in the subject line. Curious, I used gmail's search feature to search for the email again, and what do you know? I came across not one, but three media invites. Two for SXSW - one for a Red Bull SXSW party,and one for the SXSW France Rocks Austin parties put on by the French Bureauexport. The other invite was for Tribeza Wedding Day,an event I went to and LOVEd last year when it was hosted by the Driskill. Unfortunately, they are all for past events, and several of them were for events I was not in town for, but I am going to be keeping a sharper eye out for these emails. How fun!



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