Wednesday, May 18, 2011

April Showers Bring May Flowers

One of my most treasured times is gardening with my little one. He's gardened since he just started walking when he would water our garden for hours in his diaper.
He still has this intense concentration today.
 Making sure it's just so. My hearts melts just a lot when seeing these.
Every year we go get new dirt and a fresh batch of vegetables or flowers, whichever suits where we are, and for the past few years he's planted his own garden without my help.

Though gardening isn't quite thought of as a couple thing to do, as I sit here and think about it, I realize it actually would be a romantic couple idea to garden together - everything from choosing the flowers together, to planting them in the dirt together, to sitting out on the porch and enjoying them together. I just may do that with Brando and start a new tradition.


Teagan B. Sawyer said...

This is such a sweet darling post. So cute and so fun to see how some things stay the same with kiddos (like mannerisms etc.)

Anonymous said...

I love the photos--it's so great that your son developed a green thumb at such an early age.

On a side note, "sprinkle fairy dust" is a lovely phrase for the leave a comment portion!

Sonya said...

My youngest loves to garden with me. Just last weekend we went to the nursery to pick out bedding plants for all of our flower pots. I just love getting to spend time with her doing something we both enjoy so much.

Ashley said...

Oh babe, those flowers are gorgeous! I actually got those flowers for the front of the house, but they died (I have a very non-green thumb). LOL. So glad that gardening is something you and your son can do together, and I love the pictures of him with the watering can when he was little! How adorable.

<3 ash

Pink Sun Drops said...

Teagan - It is fun to see that. The most interesting part is, you have no idea when they're little which things will stay with them and which won't. It's fun to look back and realize the things they did over and over without anyone realizing it are the ones that have stuck with them.

Quest - Can't wait to see your Uniquely Your City post! I agree about the green thumb - lucky for him and for me! So glad you like the 'fairy dust' - it totally tickled me when I came up with it.

Sonya - Isn't it a peaceful activity?

Ashley - He picked those out originally, and it blows me away how gorgeous they are. My green thumb key that I've passed on to him is LOTS of water when you water, but then wait til' the top layer of dirt is dry before you water again - possibly every day or every other day in Arizona during the summer, but maybe only every two or three days in the winter.

CanadianPrep said...

That first photo is unbelievably precious! It belongs on a greeting card, a calendar, or an advertisement! So cute!

a tall sassy gal said...

I have the pink flowers on my front steps in 2 pots. They are doing well. WhWhat a neat pastime with your son. Thanks for sharing.


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