Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lake Weather

We went boating a few weeks ago when our Groupon we had purchased was about to expire. Fortunately, Just for Fun was kind enough to let us extend the expiration for a few days until the weather was absolutely perfect. This is the third time we've rented from Just For Fun, and each time has been just as great as the last. The tube we rented this time around seemed to want to ride under the water instead of above, so we brought it in to exchange it and they were more than happy to give us an extra half hour to make up for having to bring it back in, which we were totally happy about having more time on the water!

We enjoyed the scenery,
 watched the boys play,

and explored the infamous Devil's Cove that is full of drunk partiers during the summer, but on this particular lazy Sunday the water was quiet, still and incredibly peaceful.

We lazed around,

I was totally thinking "this is the life" here.

let the boys tube,

enjoyed the almost summer breeze.

and watched the sun go down.

Brando has always wanted to own a boat, and recently I've jumped on the bandwagon. We're not quite there yet, but in the meantime, renting a boat is the perfect middle ground before delving into the high costs of owning a boat and having to pay for a slip in the marina or a trailer to haul it back and forth from wherever it's stored. The best part is you just hop in the boat and go, no worrying about having to gas it up or maintain it. It's been a fun way to get the boys out on the water and I can't wait to do it again!


Ashley said...

Ohhhhh boating is amazing! I miss my parent's boat, where every summer we would go up to Lake Michigan. It was always such a blast (except when the waves were like 5 feet high!). I miss it so much, and am so glad that you posted these photos. It looks beautiful there! Glad the boys had fun! Plus, you look gorgeous!

Happy late mother's day! I hope you had a super fantastic day!

<3 ash

a tall sassy gal said...

B wants a boat too and I just think of all the huge cost of owning one. If we ever move to the beach then I will succumb to it. :)

Sonya said...

This post makes me long for summer and time spent at the lake.
I love motor boats but my husband's idea of boating involves a canoe.

Pink Sun Drops said...

Ashley - Aw, thanks, girl! You're too kind. I am SO glad to hear you have such wonderful memories of boating in the summers as a kid. Brando does, too. I'd never been until I met him, but that's part of my goal is to have the boys have those memories.

Tall Sassy Gal - Sometimes the lakes are more fun. The water is less choppy. And you've got a lake near you! I'm not helping your case, am I ;) ?

Sonya - That made me laugh out loud. Canoeing counts for getting on the water, but definitely not boating! Maybe you could take him waterskiing and he'd warm up to the idea :) . Summer should be coming soon for you. It's already May. C'mon Canada!

Santina said...

Ahhh, I, too, would love to own a boat one day. I love being out on the ocean, and I really love sleeping on boats. They're so soothing, aren't they?

Thanks for stopping by my blog!



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