Sunday, May 01, 2011

Uniquely Your City

Lately I have been LOVING blog share sites -- sites and bloggers that take their time and blog space to highlight and showcase other bloggers. Not only do I love discovering new blogs to read through these, I love discovering new readers! My three favorite sites that I've seen do this recently in an amazing way are Everbody, Everywear, the Style Bloggers Map that the oh so cute Rose a la Mode and her hubby came up with, and Delicious Baby. One covers my love of fashion, one covers my love of all things local, and the other covers my love of travel. Since they all three cover my love of blogger sharing, I thought I would spread the love and create my own blogger share.

If there's one thing I adore learning about, it's unique places in new cities. Since I don't live in your city, and most of the people reading your blog don't live in your city, your city is the new city to everyone. Post about one of your favorite unique spots in your town, or a town you've visited, or even an annual, monthly, or weekly event in your city or a place you've visited would work, and share with us an insider's view of one of the places where you love to go, or one of the places where you created a memory that you are already cherishing,

Updated: Regardless of my previous thought of making this a weekly event, I thought better of it and decided to make it a monthly event. As I mentioned the first post will be coming up this Wednesday, and I will be sticking to that. Instead of a weekly format, however, the format will be much like EBEW in that there will be a monthly deadline for your entries. That will continue to be the first Tuesday of the month, as it is this month. You may enter entries up to midnight on the second Tuesday of each month. What better way to spend the beginning of your month than to discover new places to spend the next few weekends or to plan a weekend vacation to!

Here's a few examples I can think of from my own city:

Even something like this that mentions the Zilker Hillside Theatre,
or the gorgeous drive along West Cliff in Santa Cruz
would work. The more specific you are and the more photos you have about the unique place or event, though, the better. See my first (way over the top, per my usual) entry here. The post entry is due by midnight on the second Tuesday of the month, which for this month is Tuesday, May 3rd, and the post must have been posted anytime in the previous month.

Leave your post link in the comments section of this post by midnight on Tuesday and, with your permission unless you specifically state not to in your comment, I will post one of your photos with your city and state and a link underneath to your site, in a new post on Wednesday, May 4th. If you'd like me to post a specific photo you have chosen from your post, let me know in the comments or via email. While this is the post to leave your entries for this month, I will post a new entry post for each month, so don't worry about having to come back here to leave additional posts. One day, I'd love to get an automated system for this much like Everyday, Everywear, but I have to remember one baby step at a time!

Updated: As I sorted through the first month's photos, I realized two things. One, each post needs to have high quality photos -- and these definitely do. And, two, each post needs to be something a couple would enjoy at a fairly low cost and have the possibility of being a romantic venture, which all of these definitely fit the bill. This fits my focus of inspiring couples in general, but particularly young couples, to get out and enjoy life together, enriching their relationship and continuing to build a foundation of beautiful, (mostly) stress-free memories together.


Ashley said...

What a great idea! I just wrote a post about my town the timing is perfect!! Here is the link! ;)

Ashley said...

Babe, I love this idea! Plus, all the things you posted, I want to do. Maybe I should Trav into a trip to Texas? I would be honored if you included my post: I think I fixed all the photos, let me know. :) Have a good week girl! xoxoxo.

<3 ash

Pink Sun Drops said...

Ashley & Ashley - How funny that there was two Ashley's for the posts ;) . SO glad you guys love this idea! I'm a little nervous about it since it's so new, but it makes me smile when I see the post and think about the concept, so that's got to be good :) !


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