Friday, May 13, 2011

Introducing My New Blog Header

Thanks to the wonderful Jaymee my blog finally has it's own super professional looking header/logo, and I LOVE it! It's been a long time in coming.

The process with Jaymee went like this... I emailed her my ideas, sites I like, themes I'd like to stay with and she emailed me back with a few stunning logos - something I never would have thought of or dreamed up.

I chose the ones I liked and emailed her a few revisions, including color, font, wordage, and possible addition of pictures. She emailed me back the completed revisions.
I chose the one I liked, added a few extra revisions, and requested a few additional items.
She emailed me back exactly what I had been looking for all along,

and presto! I am in love with my new header. Just like that! All the while Jaymee remained completely professional, friendly, prompt, and way more creative than I could ever claim to be. I am so, SO happy with the results. Email her at jayzeller25 at gmail dot com or go say hi on her new blog! How perfect is it that I unknowingly chose a blogger who is a California native that now lives in Hawaii for the person to design the header for Austin Sun Drops?

When you come say hi, do me a favor:

*Like my new Facebook page to the right in the top of the right side bar

*Blogger was down all yesterday and half of today, and as a result yesterday's comments disappeared. The irony of the internet. I was so sad to see the other four comments on yesterday's post disappear and not get the chance to respond, and unfortunately, I don't receive comment notification via email, so please leave your comment again if you happen to see this. Thank you to all those who commented!

*Check out my new buttons in both my left and right sidebars and my precious favicon (the image in the URL address bar), also made by Jaymee, and put the Uniquely Your City button in your sidebar if you've participated, would like to participate, or just enjoy reading the Uniquely Your City posts and are so inclined.

Thanks to Once Upon a Lime, who had Jaymee design her wedding invitations, for introducing me to Jaymee in the first place!


Teagan B. Sawyer said...

LOVE this! It looks perfect :)

villagegirl said...

Looks fantastic! love the colour and font. yay!

linda said...

looks awesome!

Sonya said...

Love it!

jaymee said...

it looks great! so nice working with you :)

Pink Sun Drops said...

Teagan - Yay! I'm so glad! I could've had a whole blog redesign done, and I will in the future, but Jaymee just does headers for now and I really wanted to have her do it.

Villagegirl - I love the color, too! Pretty sure she took it straight from the water on my old header per my request :) .

Linda - Yay! Thanks, girl!

Sonya - I'm so glad!

Jaymee - It was fantastic working with you! So excited to keep up with you through your blog, besides the other work we have lined up :) .

Mai said...

love the new look lady!

A Fabulous Life said...

I love how your blog looks with the header!! loved the color.

I also lost the comments on my blog, but I got the chance to read the lines that you left me!! thank you ;)

Take care!!


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