Monday, May 23, 2011

#1 Destination Spa in North America

Besides being on the Conde Nast Gold List, and the Conde Nast #1 Destination Spa in North America, Lake Austin Spa Resort is on Travel + Leisure's World Best Awards top ten destination spas list and in my backyard. From the experiences I do have, I can say it definitely lives up to it's reputation, as it blows other amazing places completely out of the water. Saturday I went all. by. myself. and it was pure heaven.

Let me back up for a sec. After completely forgetting a massage appointment from my massage membership at Massage Envy - a gift Brando bought me for Valentine's Day - earlier that afternoon (yes, seriously, I forgot a massage appointment), I realized on the way to catch the last half hour of my massage appointment that I really do not put myself first physically. At all. To the point of forgetting a massage appointment apparently. Who does that?! I do.

So, in order to remedy that, when I was done with my amazing massage by my favorite masseuse and had dropped Shawners off with his aunt to spend a day at the lake, I immediately booked myself an appointment at Lake Austin Resort Spa for that evening.
Getting a spa treatment and being able to relax and enjoy the steam room - which does wonders for my skin, hammock by the lake, and indoor pool virtually all to myself? Sign me up. There were a few ladies there when I first got there, but they were mostly done and appeared to be primping for a Saturday night. Yes, it was a Saturday night, and yes I could've gone out for the night, but in all reality there was no place I'd rather be than right where I was. In my heart, I waved them a joyful goodbye and savored in the serenity and solitude of having an entire indoor pool inside a barn to myself.

An entire outdoor pool with cabanas to myself to read my latest favorite book, The Power of Positive Thinking.

Can you just hear the words from the opening scene of one of my all-time favorite movies, Sabrina: "...there were servants inside the mansion, and servants outside the mansion; boatmen to tend the boats, and six crews of gardeners: two for the solarium, the rest for the grounds, and a tree surgeon on retainer. There were specialists for the indoor tennis courts, and the outdoor tennis courts, the outdoor swimming pool, and the indoor swimming pool. And over the garage there lived a chauffeur by the name of Fairchild, imported from England years ago, together with a Rolls Royce; and a daughter, named Sabrina."? That phrase itself puts me into a trance-like state, almost as much as this place did. If you haven't watched that movie yet, what are you waiting for? Go watch it and you'll see what I mean.

Besides the indoor pool, and the outdoor pool, there was a hammock by the lake I had all to myself to enjoy the rhythm of the water lapping against the shore,

the ducks meandering around my hammock on their way to the dock,

and the excessive amount of foliage I usually only get to enjoy in California.

As well as having their entire "Blue Room" full of comfy chairs and perfect sunlight to myself as I leisurely lounged in my robe they provided while waiting for my appointment with the best girl ever, Christina.
On my way to my appointment, I heard somebody say, "I'm going to report her right now!" She must've seen my alarmed look because she then quickly said, "Christina is amazing! I'm going to tell them right now how amazing she is!" Whew. And she WAS amazing. One of my favorite things about the service providers there is that each one I've had has been there such a long time and they love their job and talk about how relaxing it is - Christina has been there three years, but she mentioned others who have been there ten, and one I've had previously had been there ten plus years as well. To me that speaks to how well the company treats their massage therapists, the rest of the company, and their guests.

Driving out of there, the sky looked how I felt - lit by the gorgeous sunlight and ready to take on the world.
I absolutely can not WAIT to take Brando to this place.
I was too busy being enthralled by the beauty and serenity of Lake Austin Spa to take a self-portrait, but here's one Brando took of me the day after, where I still look totally relaxed.

This may just be my post entry for Uniquely Your City: June. Have you included your post yet? 


A Fabulous Life said...

Beautiful!! :) a massage and taking time for yourself is the best!!

Ashley said...

HEllo GORGEOUS! You look so pretty in that last pic!

What a wonderful little looks so super relaxing and amazing!

Athena said...

ahh, your description and photos just takes me there. so glad you got in some 'me' time. i should follow suit and book a massage soon!

Jaymee said...

Ahh I want to go here!!

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

oh my word, AHmazing.

Sonya said...

Oh wow! It's the place dreams are made of.

By the way, I LOVE the movie Sabrina. It's one of my faves as well.

Pink Sun Drops said...

Carla - Taking time for your body really is the best. I don't know why I don't do it more often! Must remedy that.

Ashley - Aw, thanks, girl :) !! I was SO relaxed, and it was definitely relaxing and oh so fabulous.

Athena - Yes, you should! You've been through a lot of new things lately and it'd be the perfect reward. I'm SO glad my photos and descriptions take you there - that truly is my ultimate goal in every post I write.

Jaymee - Right?! Come to Austin and I'll take you there!

Melissa - Isn't it, though? Makes me sigh in relaxation every time I think of it.

Sonya - That's the perfect way to put it. And so glad to have found a fellow Sabrina lover! Sabrina is the only movie I've watched more than twice - and I've watched it at least fifteen to twenty times :) . My favorite, besides the opening quote, is the fountain scene in Paris with the models and their clear umbrellas.


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