Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Secret Capitola Village Spot

On one of our last days of our recent trip to California, Brando and I stole away for the morning to grab coffee and our favorite dessert at our favorite place ever, The Farm Bakery and Cafe. We picked them up and then drove along the coast back towards home. Brando decided to pull over at a place where neither of us had ever stopped before, and, heck, I'm not even sure if anyone we know even while growing up had stopped there before. A completely random, just off the beaten path, place.
But when we crossed over the railroad tracks

and arrived where he was thinking,
the view was stunning.

After Brando stopped testing out the eroding cliff with literally an overhang of one foot thick of dirt that he stood on over the ocean, and I stopped freaking out as he tested it, we sat down in stunned silence and enjoyed the panoramic view with our favorite dessert and coffee, in our new special spot that we discovered together, making one of those memories that I treasure and mean the most to me.

I couldn't believe a view that reaching and gorgeous of the Monterey Bay

had been just out of my reach all these years as I had bonfires as a kid just below with my parents on the beach, bicycled by as a teenager on my way from New Brighton Beach to Capitola Village, drove by with my new driver's license and boyfriends as a little older teenager, drove by with Brando and the boys as an adult, until Brando and I finally discovered the hidden beauty sitting there all these years later.


Sonya said...

I love happening upon beautiful places that I never knew existed.


Sweetest story ever. And how much more amazing is it that you had the foresight to bring the camera with you? It looks simply stunning.

Ashley said...

What beautiful photos, a gorgeous place, and a wonderful story. :) This post definitely makes me smile. :D

Meagan said...

These are gorgeous photos. Looks like a great place to visit.

cayman77 said...

amazing the places we find! looks like another great stop off! :)

That Chelsea Girl™ said...

What a wonderful little beach day!

Pink Sun Drops said...

Sonya - It's such a special moment, isn't it?

Chelsea - Thanks, girl. It was a wonderful beach cliff day :) .

So sad to see the other four comments disappear on here after Blogger was down all yesterday and half of today. The irony of the internet. Unfortunately I don't receive comment notification via email, so please leave your comment again if you happen to see this. Thank you to all those who commented!

pepa said...

Great pics
So lovely!

Visit my new blog:)

Kisses from pepa:X


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