Sunday, May 15, 2011

Love's Labour's Lost

One of my favorite favorite things to do in Austin is Zilker Hillside Theatre. It's no secret anymore. Zilker Hillside Theatre is an outside theatre that puts on outstanding plays. Frankly, better than any play I've gone to see - including the ones I've paid $80/ticket for. Around this time of year they put on a Shakespearean play with a modern twist. Last year it was Romeo and Juliet in Spanglish. This year it is Love's Labour's Lost with a '60s beach theme. How FUN! The boys love the Beach Boys, so of course we had to bring them. It runs Thursday through Sunday at 8pm until May 31st, so if you haven't seen it yet go check it out. My favorite was when one of the actors sang his sonnet to his girl in the tune of Surfer Girl.
 The gorgeous stage. Each year it blows me away more and more.
 If you go, make sure and bring a picnic. With the boys we always do the default down the street P. Terry's run complete with cookies and milkshakes, but when we're on our own we make a Whole Foods run for wine, specialty beers, and a cheese plate.
 Nice shadow on your head, Brando. Sorry about that :) .
 Um, yeah. He may have been picking his nose here. Boys. Funny side note here, a bee landed on him while we were picknicking, but didn't sting him. Shawners, who loves animals, says, "See? I told you bees love me!"
Handsome hottie o' mine.
 Cutie pie.

This picture cracks me up. Totally looks like it should be a boudoir photo almost. But really I had on a tube top romper and was wrapped up in the blanket as it got cold (Austin is moody this month)!
 The crowd
See I was telling the truth! Oh, Forever 21, how I love thee and your $4 necklaces and $9 rompers.
 My favorite scene ever. I love watching plays here and laying back on the grass and staring up at the moon in the warm summer breeze.
 The opening scene with the West Coast beach boys.
 Adorable '60s East Coast college girls.
 East Coast college girls and West Coast beach boys meet and fall in love.
Giggly in love.
And this is one of the last scenes we saw - where the guy in the lifeguard stand witnessed each of his fellow friends who had sworn to avoid women betray their oath by reading a letter aloud to their chosen sweetheart. One by one they discovered the one who made them swear had been listening, until this guy exposed them all, only to be exposed himself when the messenger carrying his letter arrives with it returned. Too funny.

This was only one of the last scenes we saw because it got too cold! Oh, Austin, you really are finicky. It also got late, and as the first half wasn't all too appropriate, we weren't sure how appropriate the second half might be. Despite the ADORABLE 60s bathing suits the girls were sporting, we decided to take off with those factors. Can't wait to go back and see the second half! Possibly without the boys first, then with the boys, if it's appropriate. Regardless, most of that goes over their heads - until later in life when they go "Oooh, THAT's what that meant!". Justinbustin said it was AWESOME, and Shawners loved it as well. And we loved it for a romantic couple date OR a family date.

Every summer they put on a musical - so far we've seen The Music Man, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Beauty and the Beast, Annie, and this year they are doing Footloose!! OMG, so excited!!

Oh, did I mention it's free? That's why I truly love you, Austin.


Sonya said...

That is so neat!

cayman77 said...

what a blast!!!! and yes Forever 21 is the best~! I have alot of earrings and necklaces from there! love it!

Pink Sun Drops said...

Sonya - It's so much fun.

Cayman - My entire jewelry wardrobe might just be from there ;) . Except for the occasional items I get on vacation and from girlfriends.


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