Monday, August 22, 2011

Make 'Em Go Oh, oh, oh, As You Shoot Across the Sky-y-y

Anybody ever hear of Fly Texas? Moolala is offering a deal to learn to hang glide for $49 from them - if YOU buy it, make sure and use that link so they know I referred you, and tell me if you do! What a steal - and something I've been wanting to do forEVER! But, before I buy ANY deal, I always check the reviews, and they have none! Anybody know ANYthing about them at all?
This could be ME!

Update: After a little more research, I found two discussion threads here and here on that recommended Jeff Hunt from Fly Texas. Sounds like a safe bet! Now, to go deposit a check so I can purchase the deal...


Jon Dale said... looks like a sweet deal. If you ever have an issue with a Moolala voucher just contact the Moolala Member Experience Team at 800-680-4633 and they'll help you out.

Chief Happiness Officer

Ariel Maile Adkins said...

That looks so fun!!!!

Elle Sees said...

Im totally scared to try that! Good for you though!


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