Friday, August 12, 2011

Photo Friday: Beach Walk

As I've yet to corner my husband and demand my photos from the Black Hole aka his computer, I will take you on a beach walk. When Brando and I went sailing with my parents, my sister took the boys to Sunny Cove Beach in Santa Cruz below, which, ironically, we happened to sail past. I called to check, but they weren't there yet when we sailed by! So I took a picture to show them we sailed by, any way.
 Notice how overcast it is - this is the so-called Santa Cruz fog. It burned off less than thirty minutes later, as it does every morning and sometimes, as in this case, early afternoon.
Here we are less than two and a half hours later in the bright sun, excited to walk down to the beach from a friend's house. Okay, I'm excited (or about to eat something). Brando's just chillin'.
Once we were there, I kept my distance so as to not get freaked out with how far out they were out there. Those two little heads out there are Justinbustin and his cousin.
 See that little head popping up behind the wave? That's my Justinbustin.
The one to the left sitting in the shore break is Shawners, and the one carrying the skim board is Justinbustin. The other two are their cousins.
 Same story. The girl sitting on the cliff is also their cousin.

This is me, keeping my distance. And also to show you how uncrowded the beach is on a sunny Saturday afternoon in the summer. Got to love the local spots.
 Brando jumping off the cliff.
The reason Brando went out there - Justinbustin and his cousin headed out there all on their own pondering a cliff jump, which they did end up doing.
Coming in after learning how to skim board.
The wetsuits were such a perfect idea - at a $10 rental per day from Rip Curl at the end of 41st Avenue they were the worth the hours the kids played in the water without getting cold. We initially got them for the kids to go surfing, but the tide was too high, so they boogey boarded and skim boarded instead.

Such a relaxing, gorgeous beach just at the end of 17th Avenue. My sister used to live just down the road from here, and, as is often the case when you live in any area, you don't fully appreciate it until you move away. Thank goodness her ex surfs and appreciates every inch of the ocean. He has throwing boogey boards, skim boards, surf boards, and wet suits in the back of his truck down pat allowing him and my sister to take their three kids and her two from her current marriage along with my two boys down to the beach. Thanks, guys!


Sonja said...

Nice day at the beach! Thanks for sharing.


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