Friday, August 19, 2011

Down at the Boardwalk We'll Be Having Some Fun

Some of my favorite childhood memories are at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Yet, the Boardwalk is one of those things I didn't fully appreciate as a child. The amazing view of the ocean as you glide by on a ride (or in my case grip the bar in front of you in fear that these tiny metal brackets holding you up will disintegrate and leave you crashing to the ground).

The bright colors of the rides contrasting with the blue sky, amidst the palm trees.

 The relatively cheap thrills in such an amazing location.
Marini's candies - a must-eat

I fully appreciate every moment I get there now.

Photos of the Rock O Plane and Hang Glider by Justinbustin

*Post Title slightly modified from The Drifter's Under the Boardwalk*


Sonya said...

Oh my goodness! I wish I was there right now. It looks like so much fun!

Ashley said...

Isn't it so crazy that being a child you didn't appreciate things as much? I never appreciated nature's beauty - and now - I feel like that's all I take photos of!

Santa Cruz looks like sooooo much fun!! I miss going to parks - however, I hate the lines. LOL. Great photos as always!

<3 Ash

Ashley said...
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