Saturday, August 13, 2011

This is how I show my love

One of my favorite activities is being on the water in any form possible. Sailing is right at the top of that list. Fortunately for us, my Dad has had a regular sailing trip each month for the last few years. That's going to stop, but lucky for us, he had two sailing trips lined up when we were out there this time. The kids stayed with Oma, Brando's Mom, because Oma is more interesting than sailing to them apparently.

I love boat pictures!

The color of the water was intense and ever changing depending on the clouds, the sun, and the angle.

West Cliff Drive and coastline

There was an insane amount of seals on the beams of the wharf that day.
View of Santa Cruz Harbor
A few days later we went to eat on the wharf and there were massive amounts of pelicans dive bombing the water for fish. I don't remember Santa Cruz having so many pelicans when I was growing up there!
I love leaning back on the boat and looking up at the sails.
We had such a perfect view of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk from this trip.

More Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

My sexy man.
The Santa Cruz Harbor Lighthouse
Something about the breeze through my hair, the view of the coastline, the endless horizon, and gliding through the water lilting from side to side puts me in a happy place.

*Post Title from the lyrics of AWOLNATION's Sail*


becoming teacher misty said...

What a beautiful, peaceful way to experience the boardwalk! Perfect weather!

That Chelsea Girl™ said...

Your photos are absolutely beautiful, the water looks amazing!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

BEAUTIFUL! Y'all and the water and the entire trip are just LOVELY!

I know my husband would love to go sailing, but I get so so seasick. Blah. :(

Julian Tanoto said...

ah so lovely! beautiful place :)

Journal J

Sonya said...

Absolutely stunning photos. Makes me wish I was there right now!

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

what a splendid day! i'm loving all the beachy goodness going on here lately, your summer has just been like a dream. and girl, those eyes of yours are the very color of that glorious ocean, watery blue bliss! ♥

athena said...

I really need to get down to that boardwalk... looks so fun! Though it's prettier (and less crowded) from afar ;) What is the weather like in Santa Cruz right now? It seems like it's never shorts and tees weather here in Monterey :(

p.s. Hubby is planning on joining the sailing club at his school. Hoping to go out on the water before we leave the area.

Shasie said...

I've always wanted to go sailing!
Shasie of Live Life in Style


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