Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Packing Up

Sidenote: I've had this post sitting here since yesterday. Something was up with Blogger and it wouldn't publish, they fixed it today so here it is!

I've ventured into the daunting task of actually packing for this cross country move. I have so many random thoughts so just bear with me.

Started packing a few days ago I started with my least used closet. That was pretty boring and of course thinking I'm going to move cross country with not a thread on me I wanted to hang on to every little thing. We're actually putting everything in storage here and getting all new furniture out there - we'll only have to worry about the bedrooms, the kitchen, living rooms, and laundry areas will all be stocked up. So that means that all we need to bring is the clothes on our back, some extra clothes, and some favorite things. Which is why starting in the guest room closet was a bad idea.

So today I started with the things I loved, packed most of them up for storage and kept one or two things that I love to take with figuring I can build my retreat around them. I also had the thought laying in bed last night that all this stuff is just CRAP. If I am going to yell at my babies over packing up this CRAP and get all stressed out about it then I should just throw all this CRAP away. Realizing that really put things into perspective. So today my babies helped me pack, and tape, and put boxes together. I did kind of have to put a stop to things when they had 10 boxes in their room and were having "boat races" - the 5 year old pushing the 2 year old around in a box - and the little one got run into a corner of the wall. So we'll just leave the box packing to Mommy and her helpers when she's got things going :) .

I am wondering, would I do this move if I would be as lonely as when we first moved out here? My family is back there so I am thinking that is somehow going to make it easier but I really don't think it is. We still need to have our own life as a family and I would think that would be hard to recreate no matter where you move. Even harder with other family around!! No offense, but everybody trying to give their opinion. One of the reasons we moved out here in the first place. It has been REALLY good for us, I'm just hoping we're strong enough to remain what we are even back near family (his and mine). Maybe I should ask Amber on this subject. Having moved 20 times in how many years? she's got to know something on this subject.



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