Tuesday, September 14, 2004


So I'm wondering, are trackbacks a common thing around here? I've now pinged Rude Cactus twice, and honestly it just seems like a silly little plug for my own site. I've provided links to other sites before when I've commented on posts and now that I've figured out how to do trackbacks have decided to do that, too, at least for now until someone tells me different. The thing I'm wondering is I just don't see a lot of trackbacks but I see a lot of other people commenting about other people's posts (and providing the links in their posts), isn't that good enough?

By the way I'm supposed to have trackback on this thing via Haloscan but it's not working. Hellloooooo Haloscan people I've posted on your forum twice please fix it. Or somebody please just tell me if I'm being silly and just completely missing it, because, really, I'd like to know.



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