Sunday, September 05, 2004

Potty Training Update

Okay Pink Poppy here's the update! So far so GOOD - can you believe it?!! He's been going in there all day - 2 accidents today I think?? There were 3 yesterday. He's a big pooper, I think he's pooped in there 3-5 times already today, I know it's crazy. But it is definently MUCH nicer even in the potty chair than in the diaper. We went to buy diapers last night but purposefully bought just a little bit so we could use them for night time LOL. Some people say to not use diapers at night time because it confuses them. And I didn't with my first. But I think that every kid is different and I'm thinking I'm not about to let him get all frustrated waking up wet in the mornings, plus you know the whole cleaning up after it deal. We'll see how it goes, I'll keep you posted!

9/10/04 Update: It's in the final clearing stages. We're going on one or maybe two accidents a day and even underwear during the night. WHOOHOO!! Doing the happy dance, oh yeah!


Pink Poppy said...

You must be a very gifted Potty Trainer! Kudos to you. Mine are now 7 and 9. My nine year old finally gets it (okay, he's gotten for a just SEEMS like yesterday).

However, I can TOTALLY tell when my seven-year-old needs to go (he walks around with his rear stuck out and rocks back and forth when he would otherwise be standing still). AND YET, he will stand there arguing with me that he DOES NOT have to go, even as his khaki's are turning a deeper brown at the zipper! WHAT IS THAT? I don't get it... some kind of aversion to the toilet. It is so weird to me.

Crossing my fingers that all goes well for you...however, I am in the process of picking a bone with you over on my site. I have just wasted over an hour taking BBC surveys thanks to you! I don't know if we can be friends if you are going to potty train your two-year-old in a day AND feed my compulsion toward procrastination (I have to clean out my office for the contractors to come in and do some work).


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