Thursday, September 16, 2004

My Days in an IM Nutshell

I have been soooo busy these past few days I don't even have time to type up an entry right now so I thought I'd post an IM from earlier. Is that totally lame? Oh well, I don't care, I don't have time and this is what I've been up to : D ! Yeah I know I'm queen of the long IM's today too :D . See? Just goes to show you I don't even have time to talk!!

Me: We rented out our house today! Our neighbor actually ended up taking us up on the offer, which is good, he's a really good tenant
Her: that's awesome!
Her: why is he moving out of his house he renting that too
Me: Yes, he's rented that place since we've known him - he used to live next door when we lived in the apartments over there. He's only moving out cuz we offered him pretty much the same thing he's got going on now because we know at this point he can't afford more but he'll take care of the place like it was his own home. Plus we don't intend on moving back to this town and he doesn't see himself going anywhere so he can have it as long as he wants it. We signed a 2 year lease with him, so he'll be here for at least that unless under 'extrenuating circumstances'. it's a good thing
Her: thats great
Me: And we know he won't be late on rent
Her: what have you been up to today? any packing?
Me: Oh SHEESH, the question should be what HAVEN'T I been up to today. LOL We had 4 different people here at 1:30pm for 4 different things lol. My nephews came and took down the playset today, it was my little guy's last day with his lady that comes to the house, we signed the lease with our neighbor which took 2-3 hours because I read everything out loud mostly for our sake but his as well so we knew exactly what we were signing, hubby and my sister painted, the pest guy came out and sprayed for bugs, my bil came and picked up stuff, so I was pretty much orchestrating all day
Me: no packing, i did some last night, though, and my sister did some today for me
Her: man, busy girl
Her: what does your sister think about you moving
Me: She's sad, but I think she knows it's good for us. She still treats me like a lil sis in an odd sort of way which is weird because I can't really expect anything from her, though they do offer. I don't know what that has to do with anything except she made a weird comment about it. But it's nice she's been really helpful, and her bringing the boys over to take down that playset today was sooo helpful, they just got it done like that and with just my hubby it probably would've taken all day
Her: thats nice of her. i bet she is sad too because now she is the only one in here.
Her: is your other sister excited to have you back
Me: And her boys will miss our guys, ours will miss hers too!! Yeah my other sis is soo excited. She asked me the other day if I was going to be over at her house all the time and i said, no, we're gonna have our own life out there... why? do you WANT me to be over there all the time? and she says, 'well... yeah ' lol



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