Sunday, September 05, 2004

Comments: Now with Email!!

Imagine that. I couldn't believe Blogspot didn't have an option to leave your email for comments so after an extensive search I found Haloscan, okay I really just borrowed the idea from Pink Poppy. She's my new friend much to her chagrin :) hehe, and if all my comments hadn't been deleted when I installed Haloscan you'd know what I was talking about. Long story short, my BBC Personality test sent her on a long, healthy I'm sure, procrastinating trip through the world of mind tests.

ANY way all this to say now you can enter your email and, lo and behold, your homepage when you leave comments on my site (please, please :). However all of your previous comments have been lost in the great big blog universe. Supposedly I can get them back somehow but since I've only just started in the blogosphere I didn't have that many and I figure from now on they WILL be there. Only I really did like all the comments I had *pout* :(



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